SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Je T'accuse, Professeur!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Je T'accuse, Professeur!!

Damn, I forgot I have a blog. Been awhile, and so much to write about.

Tonight I am going for something a little generic, off topic if you will. Yes, there is plenty to write about, but I dare to me different. Think of it as a non-sequitur cutaway from Family Guy.

So as I have spent most of this week binge watching "Community" on Netflix a thought came through my head. Well, to tell you the truth, the thought popped in my head today. And yeah it is relevant to teachers. I'm a teacher, so I always think of teachers.

We get accused for a lot of shit we don't do. That's kind of a bug up my ass. Somebody, will come up to you and say, "YADA YADA YADA you did this!!!!!!" Instead of asking you if such and such happened and giving you a chance to explain yourself and actually spending the time to listen you you. To hear you out before creating a verdict in their mind. It would be nice that teachers are afforded the right be heard before someone gets their just desserts.

You know what else happens to teachers? A lot of what we say is taken out of context. We might say something, something completely innocent and someone will come up to you and say, "YADA YADA YADA you said this!!!!!!" Yeah, those words were used, but there were other things around and after those words that were used and not being quoted by who is sitting in the high exalted judges chair.

Or some of those who sit upon us in judgement can be a bit like "what is good for the goose is not good for the gander." Like if you do something, but some person comes to you and says,  "YADA YADA YADA you can't do this!!!!!!" But they do it to. That's not kosher. It's Treif!

Really, what's best is a two way street. Streets should not be one way. But sadly we as teachers are never listened to nor afforded the benefit of doubt. Teachers, a lot, know how Dreyfuss felt.

But that is what is on my mind today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more relevant.


Emily said...

Peter, everything ok? Give me call.

Peter Zucker said...

Everything is fine. Thanks. I’ll call and let you know.