SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The UFT Must Grab the DOE by the Proverbial Balls (Edited on 4/20/20 and reposted due to accidental deletion on 4/20/20)

Monday, April 20, 2020

The UFT Must Grab the DOE by the Proverbial Balls (Edited on 4/20/20 and reposted due to accidental deletion on 4/20/20)

 Update #2 4/20/20 I accidentally deleted this post and now re-posting and re-posting original comments but those comments will be listed as today. 

Update#1 4/20/20 The Crack Team erroneously believed Mulgrew never commented on the budget cuts but found he had last week in the Post.

So cuts to the DOE's budget are on it's way. James Eterno went right to the horses mouth here. Meanwhile, what do we get from 52 Broadway? Thus far? Crickets chirping. Yes, Mulgrew did comment, but we here at SBSB believe it was the wrong forum to comment.

We also got a nice video giving us a pat on the back as well as health care workers. Nice.

But what of the silence lack of sharing with the rank and file emanating from 52 Broadway on budget cuts. Some of them, to be truthful, who cares. But there are several places within the DOE that can be cut and should be cut. Tweed, 65 Court St, Zerega Ave, Fordham Plaza, and whatever other borough support places there are.

How much redundancy are there at these places? How much dead wood? How many unqualified people are there?

For instance, likes take a gander at former chief of staff for Deputy Chancellor Cheryl Watson Harris, Sean Corlett.

I had the unfortunate experience of teaching with Sean for two years. Sean could not control a classroom. Sean could barely teach. Sean came to the DOE through Teach for America. Sean showed how much he cared for the students of the Bronx by doing his minimum two years and then somehow got a gig at Tweed back in 2013.

Sean did excel at two things, though. Kissing ass and throwing other teachers in his grade under the bus. In retrospect, one can say he is eminently qualified to work at Tweed.

Check out Sean's LinkedIn page. In 2013 he started his rise at Tweed as...
and listed the cuts
 Education Officer - Career Development, Teacher Recruitment and Quality
Whatever that is?

But Sean made great money. According to SeethroughNY Sean made some good scratch the last two years.

Not bad? Ass kissing and being a rat will take you far.

But Sean is a symptom of the monies being spend by the DOE. But yet Tweed and Court St will remain bloated as cut are made to the school and what we hear from 52 Broadway will just be feigned shock.

Instead of showing good time happy commercials, there should be commercials explaining to the stakeholders of the DOE how much will be cut from their children's education and how the DOE is bloated up top. Seize the initiative. This is the time to do it. As people are losing their jobs and the have no idea what the future holds, now is the time to show how the upper echelon of the DOE is spending THEIR money. Get out ahead of the story UFT and be proactive!! Ask yourself WWPLD (What Would Pat Lynch Do) if the NYPD faced these cuts?

We know that the cuts that DeBlasio came out with can and will change. But wouldn't it be nice that our union shows us, the stakeholders, that they are on top of things?

Praise be to God Sean Corlett is no longer with the DOE having left in February for NYU. Godspeed to those who work with him.


Anonymous said...

The UFT won’t do a thing. It’s completely useless. You will however be bought out by September or placed back in the classroom. The UFT will take credit for it, but it will be because of budget cuts.

Pete Zucker said...

Fine, buy me out in September and give me credit for the year and I'll retire. But buyout has to be more than $50k.

Anonymous said...

It’ll be much cheaper for the DOE in the long run if you accepted a 50K buyout. Those that don’t or can’t take it will be targeted. Nothing new there. Elementary schools may be survivable though. Not the case with the worst middle or high schools, particularly in the Bronx and Brooklyn. They’re hoping for as many ATRs and teachers as possible to drop dead before September. Maybe they’ll call everyone in for a three day training on social distancing next week. Oh, what would Mike Mulgrew do? Nothing. Not a thing. Useless, less than useless; they betray us and contribute to our suffering

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say I enjoy your blog. You should post more ( no pun intended)