Friday, June 12, 2020

BREAKING NEWS!! ATRs Do Not Get Pass On Evaluations

Just a few days ago on these pages, June 9, we here at SBSB asked the question, "But what about the ATRs?"  This was in reference to that Governor Andrew decreed that teachers that fall under APPR will not be evaluated for the 2019-20 school year. Oh joy. There was dancing in the streets. Celebrations enveloped Coruscant.

I was skeptical. ATRs do not fall under APPR. And neither do others who work in the schools and offices of the DOE. What about these people? At press time on Tuesday, there had yet to be any clarification.

The Crack Team got the clarification.

As of now, ATRs, guidance counselors, school social workers, deans, etc... any one that does not fall under APPR will still be given a year end evaluation.

Of course.

The UFT is awaiting word from the lawyers whether Governor Andrew's gracious offer is extended to The Others. The UFT should be getting an answer soon. This is the best information that The Crack Team got and will pass along more when it is known.

You know what? This is a swift kick to the crotch of ATR and all that do not fall under APPR. None of us were properly observed this year. None of us were properly supervised during the last three months. How can this be?

If the UFT doesn't fix this it yet again amplifies how uneven the playing surface is for ATRs. Yes, The Others are just as affected as well but having an evaluation. But The Others are not on the precipice of losing their careers every year for farting in a non DOE manner, or getting written up for leaving a toilet seat up.

The school year ends on June 26. Two weeks from today. We need an answer. Soon.


Anonymous said...

Just give the invaluable and honest Mike Sill or Amy Arundel a call, I’m sure they’ll give an answer.... e..... v....e....n.....t......u.....a.....l......................................................................................................y. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️

Anonymous said...

I have the biggest respect for all ATR teachers. However, you are still rated by S/U. I would give my left nut to be rated by S/U. I have been teaching for 25 years and each year the observation shit gets worse and worse. Yes, ATR's should get a pass like the rest of us for this year but you should still be happy that you are at least rated S/U.

Pete Zucker said...

@10:35 I am not wasting my energy with you.

@1;25 I agree with you, but it's not as without issues as well. An ATR can have a great year, get great observations and get letter to the file for farting the wrong way and he/she will get a U

Anonymous said...

Hey Pete, ask Mike Sill or Amy for shits and giggles. Start a clock to check when you’ll get an answer, other than; ‘I don’t know’, I’ll get back to you’, ‘ Any day now’ and let’s not forget, ‘Remember Mr. ATR, you are lucky to have a job’.