SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Stephanie Edmonds and I Find Some Common Ground

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Stephanie Edmonds and I Find Some Common Ground


I have a history on these pages of disrupting (pardon the pun) of Class Disruption's and openschools advocate Stephanie Edmonds.

Last night I was warmly welcomed by Stephanie on her video podcast I guess to clear the air, find common ground if possible, and any disagreements at least remain civil.

I started the podcast by apologizing to her for a post I wrote in January of basically accusing her of being a raging anti-Semite. Stephanie graciously accepted and I deleted the post. However,I shared with her that I think it was not right to compare students staying home from school to the Holocaust.

So anyway, I am linking to the video below (for some reason the embedding code is not working properly). I enjoyed myself and look forward to doing this again . 

Just to give viewers a heads up. There were some technical glitches last night. Be patient. 



Anonymous said...

Stephanie is totally clueless. She needs to stick around for a while and see how the DOE goes after teachers. (Especially veteran teachers) She has not done her history on you or the thousands of other teachers who have been targeted. If she is such a proponent of "the free market", she can go work in a charter or private school. She even admits that she did not take a private school job because the benefits of teaching for the DOE are better. Who does she think got her the benefits that she enjoys? Well, it's the UFT. I am not a fan of the UFT but I would rather have a crappy union than no union at all. Oh yeah, where is she from? Interesting accent for someone who claims they are "privileged". Does anybody know any teachers who work with her? I'm pretty sure I would not want to work with her.

Anonymous said...

I don't wanna raise her ego, but damn that chick is cute! Too bad she has poorly thought out beliefs.

Tracie Goldman said...

I agree with first anonymous. She is not worth listening to

Stephanie the Class Disruption said...

I am glad with did that. It was good to hear your perspective in that format and all of the people who tuned in and added their comment. Again, I would like to stress to some other commenters here, I am not against an organization that protects rights of teachers, I just think that in its current form, the organization too quickly has other incentives that mostly have to do with power and that don't benefit our profession in the short or long run. Perhaps another chat soon.

Pete Zucker said...

How soon can we do it again?