SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Duplicity of the UFT Once Again Shows Its Face

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Duplicity of the UFT Once Again Shows Its Face

 Why does Stew Leonard's have a higher regard for its customers than the UFT has for its rank and file? Why can McDonald's treat its customers better than the UFT does for its rank and file?

Back in the 90's I was in Orlando and booked a room at one of the Radisson's. The hotel was overbooked, and they sent me to another, yet swankier Radisson. My room and meals were comped. If it was an official
UFT hotel they would make me sleep in my car. However the management would claim they were attentive because the brought me a blanket, pillow, and a milk jug to piss in.

Members of the UFT should be thought of as customers. What does the sign say at each and every Stew Leonard's? 

"Rule 1: The customer is always right. Rule 2: If the customer is ever wrong, reread Rule 1."

It's pretty simple. The UFT has taken some steps, more like baby steps, in the last few years. But they still don't get it. They don't understand at the very least the perception and at the worst the reality of a union that does a little as it possibly can. Which will only fight back when confronted. For years, I have said if one seeks the help of the UFT without having knowledge and without standing firmly you are shit out of luck.

Yesterday, I got my first letter to file since 2013. All over the inane ambiguity over synchronous and asynchronous teaching that I shared last week. Oh joy. Thank you UFT  for really putting that true effort in.

But last this morning as I was making breakfast I had a revelation. I sent an email to my chapter chair on March 16 asking for clarification on synchronous and asynchronous.

I sent it due to the request of the CL for topics to bring up in the upcoming consultation meeting of March 19. 


I think clarification and discussion should be brought up with administration concerning asynchronous time. Some believe that we should be in front of our computers during this time without students just waiting for them to appear or with students whilst they do their work silently and we are doing nothing. XXXXXXX clarified it all. Asynchronous means we are available if needed. We are to be notified through text, email or dojo.  Thanks!

Even if the information is wrong or not exactly right, this was something that needed clarification!

In the chapter leader's email, we were asked to have our requests in by 1 PM, March 17. My email was sent at 8:44 PM. This was plenty of time to add it to the agenda. 

Guess what? It was not part of the agenda. 

Worse, I never heard back from the CL before the consultation with any questions, comments, concerns in regards to my email. And guess what else? I never heard back from the CL after the consultation meeting. Yet, before and after the request for clarification, the CL shared the party line with me several times. That asynchronous time means sitting live in front of the computer awaiting students who might or might now show up.

I got a letter in the file due to either incompetence or negligence. Since February I have been asking for clarification and no two responses are the same. How difficult is it to get clarification? 

But I am just a lowly ATR. An outsider, an interloper to the "family" which the CL explicitly claimed as well as implied in an ad hominem attack upon myself. All because I am running for chapter leader.

I am really bothered and hurt but not surprised. Why have expectations of the UFT when one can only be disappointed? But there is plenty more to this story that I am holding back on. 

For $120 a month we should get more than concierge service and unwieldy town halls in which only buddies and pals get chosen to speak. I asked for clarification during the last DA and Rashard didn't pick me. 

I pay my dues, I am a teacher. I am a teacher in my school. I am not some second class citizen. Nor is any ATR. No teacher, nor any UFT member should not be treated like this. And it wouldn't happen if upper echelon of the UFT took the rank and file more seriously.


Anonymous said...

Yes, as a Medicare eligible retiree, therefore many years of UFT experience, I can confirm that the UFT does not give a whit for its members. Sign that Unity loyalty path and you're set for life.

Anonymous said...

Let's also look at this backroom deal for the Medicare Advantage plan that the UFT has been silent on. Was this, as I hear, an agreement made in exchange for retro pay. Money that Bloomberg wouldn't authorize in a contract because he wanted cuts to healthcare? So Mulgrew agreed to these cuts with Deblasio. Is this correct?

Do the fulltime UFT double pension group have lifetime health insurance through their own UFT or NYSUT plan?

Anonymous said...

Oh man Pete! You got a PERB case in the making!

Anonymous said...

All I know is when COVID hit I was glad and proud and thankful that I was a part of the UFT. Thanks Mikey for getting us through the ugliness now we can all gloat with Biden sending us Uncle Sams money. Thanks Joe we really needed it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:12 PM that you have a PERB case against the UFT

Anonymous said...

Union members aren’t permitted to sue the union - it’s been tried -even before Janus. You pay the union to represent you, if it doesn’t the onus falls on you to force them. The only individual recourse is to drop out.

Unknown said...