SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Thirteen Days Left

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Thirteen Days Left

 I am in a darn good mood today. I just found officially that there will be no ratings for this year! Have a look here. And, best of all. There are 13 days left for me in at my school. 

So I am going to switch gears. No more snarky sarcastic posts. I am going to have some fun. How so? Music! Actually music videos that for me represent the last 13 days of this wacky, different, never before seen 2020-2021 school year. 

Of course we need an intro and ho better than Gob Bluth to start us off. 

The Final Countdown

Thank you Gob for the introduction. 

Next up Prime Mover by Rush. 

I love this verse with a passion. We leave our school every June only to come back in September. But we don't return. We are continuing our journey.

From the point of entry /Until the candle is burned/The point of departure/Is not to return/Anything can happen 



Anonymous said...

Confusion Peter, with the new ATR rules in place does someone like you or us I should say remain at the same school we were at this year? How does it work...
Thanks Peter

David Suker said...

We will find out on the 11th for sure. That’s the date the DoE said it would let us know.

David Suker said...

I meant the 18th.

David Suker said...

I meant the 18th.

Pete Zucker said...

I wanted a developing so fucking bad. :(

Maybe ATRs should pull a Corporal Klinger?

Anonymous said...

I am another confused, if I will be in same school as this year! Any info from Peter or anyone else? Was anyone notified if you will be returning to same school..