SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: What's the Plan for September? (3 Days Remaining!! Whoo-hoo!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

What's the Plan for September? (3 Days Remaining!! Whoo-hoo!)

 Three days left!! Whoopee! On Friday, I am going back to the videos. But rest assured two great songs by two great all time bands (Not Rush!) for the last day of school.

On to bigger and better things. 

We're not at herd immunity in neither New York State nor New York City. September is right around the corner. De Blasio has sworn that there will be in person schooling only. 

Still, what if?

What if there is a good percentage of the parents that still refuse to send their children to buildings? Approximately 750k students have been remote this year. If only half of those students return (350k) that is still a sizable number of students not in buildings. Do you force these parents to send their children to school? Will the UFT back up these parents?

Hey, I understand the fear parents would have. But there are no answers to ,"What if?" for these parents now. Heck, my son wanted to take me to the Nets game Saturday night and I was having some qualms about being in an arena of 20k people. 

What happens if there is a spike come October? What is the plan then? Just remember on 9/11 how fast parents came to schools to take their children out. What does the DOE plan to do?

And with the lack of a plan what is the plan if there ever is a big remote cohort to teach the students? I know Mulgrew mentioned wanting some type of agreement with the DOE regarding remote teaching. This remains to be seen. 

Are schools still going to have the three foot rule? Must students be vaccinated to come to school? What about parents? To enter school must they be vaccinated as well? I know at my son's college and all SUNY campuses students must be vaccinated.

What about in school testing? Will that still be done?

It's time the UFT in conjunction with the DOE share worst case scenario, or rather, any and all plans for the safe return to school buildings come September 2021.


Anonymous said...

Bro, there is no plan because the DOE don't need a plan. We are all gonna be in 5 days a week. Masks will be the only thing to remind us of covid.

Pete Zucker said...

But if 250,000 kids stay home?

Anonymous said...

The DOE is not providing an online option which means there will be no instructional materials or online teachers available for any student/parent. If 250,000 kids stay home, that means that the parent will have to register kids as "home schooled". That also means that the parent will be responsible for finding and using any and all educational material as well as reporting attendance, etc, to the DOE. Parents can't just legally "stay home" with kids without providing a documented education.

Pete Zucker said...

Yeah. Sure. Right. That ain't gonna happen.