SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Three Questions for the UFT

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Three Questions for the UFT

My dad always said, "You can always ask, the worse answer you'll get is no." He was very wise. So I'm going to ask.

Having said that, I have three questions for the UFT. I am not going to editorialize or add extraneous information to the questions. I do not know if others are thinking the same as me, all I know is I am only speaking for myself. 

Question #1 (Multi-part): Now that ATRs will be placed does this mean that principals have no say? If so, is there not a chance that principals will be quick to drum up accusations, charges, false stories on ATRs? Is there any mechanism to prevent this? 

Question #2: There has yet to be an official announcement from the UFT regarding Governor Cuomo's signing a bill stating that there will be no ratings this year. Other unions in the rest of the state of notified their membership as well as a release by NYSUT. Are there any updates? 

Question #3: Are there any updates to share on being made whole financially for giving up our spring break in April 2020?

Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

You’d be better off going to Egypt and asking the Sphinx those questions, as the you are much more likely to get an answer from it than the UFT, but you know the answers already. Principals can do whatever they want and don’t hold your breath for rating info or any money owed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we clap our hands for Tinkerbell?