SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: EXCLUSIVE! UFT Members to be Made Whole For Spring Break (And....4 Days Left!!!)

Monday, June 21, 2021

EXCLUSIVE! UFT Members to be Made Whole For Spring Break (And....4 Days Left!!!)

 Four more days left.

But, I digress 

The Crack Team has been on top of the whereabouts of monies owed teachers due to spring break 2020 being ripped away from us. However, The Crack Team are very impatient group and they decided not to wait till July 1 but rather they took matters into their own hands. They traveled 6 weeks ahead in time Yes, you read that right. Using a proprietary time travel method that was create in SBSB labs, The Crack Team has returned with the MOA. Exclusive to this blog only, it will be known what our union agreed to. 

1. Full restitution will be made to each and every UFT member. 

2. Full restoration will be made only to  UFT members who have been in service since January 1, 2010.

3. Full restitution will be made in 10 payments stretching over 14 years. Each payment will also have a deduction of 10% to allay the costs incurred by the DOE and the City.

4. An across the board $20 payment will be immediately paid to each and every eligible teacher. Then full payments in 2024, 2027, 2029, 2031-2036. 

5. To make up those who quit, were terminated or died and lost out on their retro checks such members will enjoy full restitution this time. It is only if you retire you won't be made whole.

6. Each teacher will receive two coupons, each $15 percent off, for Denny's.

Now, in the report from The Crack Team states that the city originally just offered the coupons for Denny's. Mulgrew was thisclose to agreeing, but he had to be talked out of it. However, when everything else was agreed upon, he still held out for the Denny's coupons. For those of you who are fans of Denny's remember this; Mulgrew had your back. 

The Crack Team found that those who retire not being eligible for restitution was just a judgement call.   However, off the record, The Crack Team was told by someone deep inside the UFT for retirees to just fake their own deaths and they will still collect. 

The Crack Team though did overhear the UFT discussing this deal and overheard...

"We made a great deal. It could have been worse. At least we had a seat at the table."

Maybe Spock is wrong? Can the space- time continuum can be changed?

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Anonymous said...

Denny's hookup? Man, I am stoked! Mulgoon did a great job. I knew I could always count on that bald bastard when times are hard.