SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Eight Days Remaining...Working Them Angels

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Eight Days Remaining...Working Them Angels

 Keith Olberman once commented the first time he was fired by ESPN...

"Happiness is seeing Bristol in your review mirror...."

For me, on June 25th I will feel like Keith but only using the words of ("Workin' Them Angels," Rush, 2007 "Snakes and Arrows" CD)...

Driving away to the east, and into the past/History recedes in my rear-view mirror

What a trippy year. Observation wise that is. 

I'm with three teachers, three different classes, and two grades. All were remote. When do I get observed? May 10. A informal observation. My first day with that class was May 4. So of course my informal is first thing in the morning of my fifth day with the class. 

Oh, let's not forget it was the first time I was ever observed using Danielson.

Fast forward to last Monday, June 7. I was told what I would be teaching. Something I hadn't taught in over 20 years. But my co-teacher is one of the best teachers in the school and got a lot of assistance for which I shall be eternally grateful. It was a darn good lesson. How'd I do? How is a 45 minute window supposed to rate me for the entire year? How is a 15 minute window with students I barely know a microcosm for the entire year? 

I know one teacher that started of in person, was switched around a few times, then went remote and switched around a few times more. How can this teacher be rated?

How can Danielson be used this school year? Oh yeah, observers can only rate on what they see, not what they see. Guess what? People lie. People lie big. It happens. It's systemic. 

Let's see if we are getting end of year ratings. 




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