SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Goodbye, Good Riddance, and Farewell to Stephanie Edmonds

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Goodbye, Good Riddance, and Farewell to Stephanie Edmonds


 Where has Stephanie Edmonds been? When we last saw Stephanie was April and I exposed her on You Tube. Then she went pfft. Like a fart into the wind. 

Both of her Twitter accounts have been deactivated. Her Facebook page as well as her Instagram page
have vanished. Heck, her You Tube channel has had no new content since April. Nowhere was Stephanie to be found on any social media or for that matter, any media whatsoever. Heck, Stephanie isn't building her brand. Remember, she labeled her self an "educelebrity."

Many have speculated that after my historic smack down of her back in April she turned tail and ran with her tail between her legs. Maybe. What would we do without Stephanie? 

Well, rest assured, she resurfaced this week. It makes sense. Where there is a camera or a microphone, Stephanie will find it. Oh, and of course, she would come across like a total idiot.

Earlier this week CBS 2 News found Stephanie, or should we say Stephanie found them, and she blabbered away (Link to Story. Link to Video). 

Stephanie, I am sad to report, is leaving the DOE. Read:

This is the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life, but I feel like it’s an important one,” said Bronx history teacher Stephanie Edmonds.

Edmonds says she fought hard for schools to reopen last year, so students could get a better education. But now, she’ll have to say goodbye to those she’s mentored the past six years.

“I will not be coerced into inserting something into my body that does not fall in line with my religious faith,” Edmonds said.

Saddest decision? She spent last year HAMMERING teachers who chose to teach remotely because they, we, had underlying health conditions! She claimed we abandoned out students and SHE now decides to change her tune and abandons her students? She's so full of shit. 

Remember this tweet...? 

Inserting something into her body that does not fall into line with her religious faith? What faith? She's fucking Jewish. There is nowhere in the Talmud, the Torah, or anywhere where it says that vaccines are forbidden. Orthodox rabbis consider vaccinations a moral obligation. 

One wonders how much she takes her religion seriously if she had got pregnant while not married. Don't most religions have issues with having something inserted into oneself if not married? 

Hey, but she can do what she wants to do. It's her right. As one super SBSB groupie said, "It's Stephanie's right to be an idiot." Yes it is her right, and she does it so easily. 

But what does Stephanie care? Daddy makes shit loads of money. Stephanie can always return home to Connecticut's Gold Coast for shelter, for food, for money. Daddy will help with the rent, the car, the bills. Mommy will help with the child rearing. Stephanie is a child of privilege. But good riddance to her. Maybe she'll drop that fake Bronx accent and go with something more suited for the Gold Coast. But like in the Bronx where the students saw through her facade the Goyem will never accept her and see though her as well. 

Stephanie is the ultimate schlimazel.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance to that lame clam. Looks like her slumming savior days are gone. Time for her to suck off the money bags teat of her rich family and ramble on about,"how the other half live". She will be a big hit with the rich liberals at the country club.

Anonymous said...

Just saw her on CNN - the most unintelligent pseudo-babble I've heard in a while... Not worried however, natural selection will come for all of these folks.

Anonymous said...

I just watched her on CNN. She is the biggest, fakest, blowhard of all time. She uses the word, "Dedicated". She ain't dedicated to shit. She is a poser teacher and everybody knows it. The DOE will be way better off without her.

Anonymous said...

Those crocodile tears kind of made me roll my eyes. I like how the anchor pointedly asked her which part of her religion proscribed vaccination and the most coherent thing to come out of her response was "... I prayed."

Seems like the DOE is better off without her.

Pete Zucker said...

The DOE and her students and school are better off without her. She is a true narcissist.