SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Wave of Death Coming to NYC Schools

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Wave of Death Coming to NYC Schools

 I am due one more retro payment this October. I was suspended in October 2015 which for reasons unknown to me I was classified as on "leave." So everything was pushed back for me. This goes for others who were on leave then. Which leads me to this question:

If I, or others, due retro in October, were to die due to the irresponsibility of the DOE and enabling of the UFT with the Delta surge, will the heirs receive the retro?

What is the acceptable number of deaths of staff and/or students for the DOE due to the Delta Variant?  Are staff more expandable than students? 

To paraphrase Colonel Trautman from First Blood,  "Will there be enough body bags?"

Has the DOE thought to have portable refrigerated morgues outside the schools to collect the dead bodies? 

On August 19, my son's college had ZERO active COVID cases. Today it the college has 22 active cases amongst students. And his college has a real plan! It's not a plan that was put together at the last minute. I trust his college's plan. I do not trust the crud put out by the DOE and enabled by the UFT.

How can we keep three feet distance in dirty, filthy, rat infested, crud infested, overcrowded school buildings? 

How many students are staying home on September 13? 200k? 250k? 500k? Does De Blasio have a plan for all these no shows? Will there be retribution upon the parents of all these no shows? I know if I lived in the city I would not send my child to school. It would like sending a child to their death. 

Why is De Blasio being such a dick? He's caving for the whitey white, entitled, smug, sniff their own fart Brooklyn and Upper West Side crowd. De Blasio has his eye on running for governor next year and he needs these parents on his side. Not just to vote for him, but to give him money as well. 

De Blasio is that self-unaware that he still thinks he was somewhat successful in running for president in 2020. His ego, his thirst for power is going to kill staff, and worst, the children of New York City.

There will come a day, and this day will be soon that a staff member or a child will die. Let's hope that appropriate legal action is taken against the DOE and any of its enablers. 



Anonymous said...

If you die, you won't get the retro. I disagree about huge surge. I don't think it'll happen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a member who dies in service the retro is still given to them. Who ever commented above is incorrect about that part. I also disagree about a huge surge in the school buildings.

Lavarn said...

Yes, you will still get retro if you pass during official service.
I agree there will be a surge and I also predict schools will not be able to remain open if this happens. Too many sub's can not maintain a school.
This year will be tough, but I'm going in with a positive mindset and just praying for the best while I expect the worst.
In the meantime please stay safe everyone, keep your distance if possible and do not let your guards down when it comes to wearing your mask.
Catching covid is not the fear for me, the possibility of death is, for most I'm sure. So please be safe!

Pete Zucker said...

Last year over 60% of students in Harlem were remote last year. What does that tell De Blasio? The people in power are letting the little head to the thinking for the big head.

JaneIre said...

Staff members and children have died already

Anonymous said...

The DOE didn't plan this through we just had a staff meeting. No covid plan in place for NYC schools. Just 3 feet distance. Students who refuse to mask just talk to them and families. Its going to be a mess.

Pete Zucker said...

Three feet is a yard. Think from the 1 yard line to the goal line. I still don't have n idea what going on.