SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: False Accusations Laid on Me

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

False Accusations Laid on Me

 Hey how about that top ranked and award winning UFT Concierge service? 

FUCK THAT. Save it for another time. I got to get something off my chest. 

On Sunday I was planning to blog with those 12 crossed out words above. I came across something else that I thought was more newsworthy so I published that. What a shit storm? Out of deep respect for
someone else, I deleted it. It's gone. The link is dead. Don't go trying to find it. 

I want to clear up several accusations that have been made against me. 

Accusation of Mining for Blog Hits

First, I did not post what I posted on Sunday for "blog hits." I don't give a shit about blog hits. I care if something is newsworthy. It was newsworthy. Simple as that. I also don't need people to parrot that comment. Be fucking original. Be fresh.

If I cared about blog hits I would be blogging so much more frequently. If I blog twice a month that is a lot now. So go figure it out. Or as one SBSB fanboi said to me, "What's the big deal about wanting blog hits? I mean, you don't not date a girl because she is pretty."

Oh yeah, I forgot. I never sent out an email that I updated the blog nor did I tweet out the link. Wouldn't that add to the hits? 

Accusation of Being a Unity Plant and/or Working Undercover for Unity

Really? This has got to be one of the dumbest things I have heard about me EVER!

My Hatred of XXXX Has Clouded my Judgement

No, it hasn't. And it isn't hate. It's knowing that I don't need to see the sun rise in the East to know it is has risen in the East. However, I do know that to go forward, XXXX must be involved. If my hatred was so intense, I would have editorialized in the now deleted blog post. But I didn't.

Oh, and I never said I how awful XXXX is. Well, maybe several years ago. But now I say "I don't xxxxx XXXX. At least I don't act as someone's little xxxxx

Lest we forget comparing me to Porty about how I feel about XXXX is a double face palm.

But I can look in the mirror and say I am my own person and have my dignity. I don't go running back with my tail between my legs after being publicly and literally shat upon XXXX.

I Triggered People

Triggered? Now we are woke? Boo fucking hoo. Get over it.  I told my son when he left for college to be wary of those who whine about being triggered and people accusing others of micro-aggressions. Oops, does typing this now make me a MAGA? "Yeah, fucking god damn liberal Right Wingers."

This shit I posted on Sunday is not super duper classified information. Big fucking deal it was leaked by me. Own up to it. Run with it. But, really. I believe someone might be projecting,.

Accuse me of something, you better back it up. I been accused of too much shit lately that I haven't done. Worse, I don't need to be texted this shit when I am fucking teaching. 




Ellen McHujg said...

Peter. I have known you for over 25 years you have always stood in your own light. Sometimes that light might be the only light in the darken room. You are your own person. This is unbelievable what you are going thru at this time.

Anonymous said...

Peter , no one believes you half the time because you do crap that’s socially inappropriate and awkward. This makes you lose credibility with lots of people. Speaking of owning it, maybe if you actually owned your denigrating and repulsive behavior, people would take you more seriously.

Anonymous said...

You have good intentions but your impulsiveness and lack of control is a problem. The story you pulled has been floating around a fairly large group of people. Not one has written about it or shared on social media. That's self-control. And no one things you are a Unity plant because they would never have you. If you actions unwittingly help Unity that's another story.

Pete Zucker said...

@9:02, ROTFLMFAO!You shouldn't talk. You are the great vacillator! IP addresses don't lie. ;)

@9:46, The truth will come out. However, thank you for setting me up to the Straw Man. Very Trumpian.

Pete Zucker said...

OH, and one more (Pardon the pun) thing. Please come out behind the facade of anonymity.

NYCDOEnuts said...

"EDU blogger rule #1: Expect to anger people when you write." That was your advice to me ten years ago. Glad to see it is still valid. People love words, Peter. They just don't love words that don't work well for them. Our friends know this better than anyone so don't stress. Sorry you had to experience this. Hope it is over but keep telling those hard truths.