SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mulgrew and Adams Are BFFs

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Mulgrew and Adams Are BFFs

 I was reading the Politico article how Mike Mulgrew and Mayor Adams have formed some type of "alliance." That's nice. I understand politics. Mulgrew has to make nice. Adams has to make nice. As long as we get a decent raise come September and the Medicare (Dis)advantage dies a slow death I don't care. But I am not optimistic. Mulgrew tends to get played too often.

One thing that did catch my eye was this...

“We’re not in a battle with the teachers union,” Adams said on CNN last month. “We are [in] lockstep… I speak to Michael Mulgrew three times a day.”

Three times a day? Good God they're BFFs. Like two teenage girls they speak on the phone every day.

Thanks to the intrepid work of The Crack Team we here at SBSB were able to not only listen in on one of the besties phone calls but transcribe it as well.

Adams: Hello?

Mike: Eric!!! I got wonderful news!!

Adams: What news? 

Mike: I got two tickets with backstage passes to see Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden tonight!!

Adams: Oh! My! God! I think Harry is just dreamy.

Mike: I know! I have goosebumps!

Adams: And who are you taking?

Mike: Well, I haven't thought of it yet. I just got the tickets.

Adams: You know I am Harry's number 1 fan.

Mike: No, I am! (Giggling)

Adams: No, I am! (Giggling)

Mike: Oh silly. I am taking you. Who else would I take?

Adams: (screeches with joy)

Mulgrew: Now, we have to coordinate what we are going to wear. We'll look like dorks if we wear the same outfit.

Adams: I know. But I am too giddy to even think about it.

Mike: Don't forget to bring your Harry Styles Official Dream Scrapbook.

Adams: Oh, I shan't. I have it right here next to me.

Mike: Me too!

Adams: I am bringing my official Harry Styles autograph pen so he can sign my scrap book.

Mulgrew: Oh stop! I am too!

Adams and Mulgrew (At same time): WE THINK EXACTLY ALIKE!!! (Both Giggle) 

Mike: Okay, I got to go and get ready. 

Adams: Me too!

Mike: Ok, bye.

Adams: Bye.

Mike: Bye.

Adams: Bye.

Mike: You hang up first.

Adams: No, you hang up.

Mike: No, you.

Adams: You.

Mike: No, you.

Adams: You

Mike: You hang up

Adams: No you.

And on it went over who would hang up first. Well over two hours. They never did get to the Harry Styles concert. Hopefully contract negotiations won't be the same as who would hang up first.

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Anonymous said...

Adams is a union guy so when it comes to contract negotiations Adams is going to open up the bank as nyc has a surplus of 6 bil