SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Obliviousness of Mike Mulgrew

Monday, April 18, 2022

The Obliviousness of Mike Mulgrew

UPDATE: I made BIG MISTAKE! I conflated the original quote from Mulgrew vas one incident. I misread and took when he said he was traveling to school nearby as him being in the Bronx. I was it was pointed out to me, I edited this blog post, I was incorrect, I take responsibility, and I apologize.

 Sometimes being a leader is not just being a leader of those who elected you, but being seen as a leader to those who haven't elected you or even to those who don't know you. That is the hard part. That takes time and effort. And sometimes it is needed. 

On April 8 Angellyh Yambo,  a 16 year old student at University Prep Charter High School in the Bronx, was shot and killed in the Bronx walking home. I can't imagine the devastation and the pain the family must be going through. 

I had not known until I read Arthur's blog with his DA board minutes of April 13 that the teachers at UP are represented by the UFT. As per Mulgrew during his opening soliloquy...

Last Friday was horrendous shooting of three students. UFT-represented charter run by group of teachers--We have a better procedure with NYPD to get people home. We've had people there all week... Thanks Jeff Povalitus  and safety team.

Jeff is a stand up guy. If Jeff is involved, you know something will turn out well. 

But one thing bothers me.

Mulgrew could have made an appearance. He is the UFT President and this not only affected it's members, but the community of University Prep. Again, never missing a chance to miss an opportunity. 

I have seen the UFT first hand when it comes to a student dying. This school year a 4th grade student in my school died from an asthma attack at home. The UFT was there in force. They did what was needed to be done. I can give credit where credit is due. 

But a student being gunned down on St Ann's Ave is different. This cries out for leadership to be seen and heard. Maybe Mulgrew to visit the school was too much of a schlep from Staten Island. In a way I can empathize with him. For me, going to Staten Island from White Plains is too much. Do I go through Jersey or Brooklyn? But make to Mulgrew.

He just doesn't get what being a leader entails. He just doesn't understand what optics mean. He doesn't get how to schmooze. He doesn't get that for whatever reason some look to him for leadership. And it appears he only will do the right thing if there is something in it for him or if there is some sycophant involved. 

What harm would it do for Mulgrew to appear in the Bronx and show that he is there for the entire University Prep community? 

If Mulgrew can't do the obvious things, what makes you think Mulgrew can do what's right when everything is all higgely piggedly.


Anonymous said...

are you concerned about adams as mayor now that he has blamed cops for being on their phones yet they are required to make reports on their he is in charge of our schools

Anonymous said...

I sent this to the staff at my school. We should all challenge our do nothing CL.

To all UFT members and concerned staff,

I’ve been at this school almost 2 years and still have not attended an in-person union chapter meeting. We are currently having a very important presidential election challenging the Unity Caucus, the one the has ruled the UFT since its inception. This union in my opinion is incompetent and Michael Mulgrew’s lack of leadership is being challenged by an upstart caucus called United for Change, but you would never know that by your communication with us. If you can’t commit to your job as chapter leader you should step down. I for one would love to bring some real leadership to this chapter. This is not a personal attack, just an observation. I’m personally tired of chapter leaders abusing their positions with the administration to gain personal favor.

In Solidarity,

David Suker

PS why don’t you call an in-person meeting to discuss the election and the general apathy of the staff that I’ve noticed in my time at Pelham Lab HS.

Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 28, 2022, at 7:55 AM, Andrew Manning wrote:

Good Morning All,

I hope this email finds you well. We will need to have a chapter meeting soon to discuss SBO's for the 2022-2023 school year. Once I have a definitive explanation of the pre-approved SBO's for next year I will present them to you so we can decide what options we would like to explore with Mr. Wagner in consultation. I will also send out an electronic survey to formally poll the staff.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Team,

This is just a general and stern reminder that DOE email is to be used for DOE business only. It should not be used for union business or personal airing of grievances. I am always available to discuss if you do have questions regarding this. 

(The DoE policy was too long to recite here.)

Jason Wagner
Pelham Lab High School
Principle Wagner, 

Thank you for the reminder, but if my name and reputation have been slandered, I will surely reply accordingly, DoE email or not. When I see the person in question on Tuesday he better apologize for his words and intent. I'm not one that minces words. I've been slandered enough at your school by being called a racist multiple times by students and teachers. I have two black children and don't need a white man without children lecturing me about DoE regulations. I'm actively in the process of hiring a lawyer to clear my reputation. This is professional abuse, and you should have stepped in months ago. It's too late for you to step in as so-called peacemaker now.

See you Tuesday.

David Suker.

Anonymous said...

This is what prompted the principal to write his memo I’m guessing:

Mr. Beriguete,

You are the person that called me a bully and ripped down a piece of my art without first asking me. Remember that? You obviously have issues. I’m not talking about the school, or even myself, as you see it. I’m talking about the union leadership. Learn to read and comprehend before you speak out of turn. I did mention low morale, and if you had half a brain, you’d see that as well. You're obviously in need of professional protection because of your incompetence. Less kissing the administration’s ass and more concern for the school might do you some good.

My name is David Suker, but I understand your ignorance.

GetOutlook for iOS
From:Felix Beriguete
Sent:Thursday, April 28, 2022 11:41 AM
To:Suker David
Subject:Re: Inadequate union leadership of our current chapter leader.

Mr Sucker,
This will be a good observation not coming from an antagonist like you. In your 2 years a PLHS you only been repulsive and negative, to almost everyone and everything here, which we don’t appreciate.
Be a positive contributor not an evil advocate!
Felix Beriguete.
Happy to be in this school!!!

PS If you help need in editing your emails in the future, I'm here to help!

David Suker said...

There’s no hope for this union as long as these lackeys make up our ranks. There’s needs to be a purge!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone read this blog?

Pete Zucker said...

No, no one reads this anymore. It is devoid of readers.

Anonymous said...

I didn’t think so. Thanks for the confirmation Pete!