SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: When UFC Wins There Must be a Forensic Audit of UFT Books

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

When UFC Wins There Must be a Forensic Audit of UFT Books

 On or about July 1 when United for Change wins the election there will lots to do. Hopefully, UFC and the new leadership will hit the ground running. But there is one thing that must be done immediately. 

There must be a forensic audit of the financials of the United Federation of Teachers. It's time to know
exactly where our dues monies have gone. Who know what will be found.

Are there off shore accounts in Switzerland? Cayman Islands? Which politicians have been paid off or donated to? What "perks" have been giving to UFT leadership over the years? 

Where are the real estate holdings? Are there cars? Trips to Hawaii? Vegas? The rank and file demands to know where the dollars went and also to whom.

There is one problem. As I was discussing with near octogenarian fanboi yesterday, there is too much time between when the elections results are announced and July 1. What does that mean?

Those six weeks are more than enough time for UFT Unity to shred papers, burn papers, silence and the possible disappearance of the accountants, destroy hard drives. Remember, always follow the money.


Anonymous said...

Disgusting. Swiss Bank accounts? You're a dick.

Pete Zucker said...

I also mentioned Cayman Islands yet you focused on on Swiss accounts. Nice to hide behind anonymity, eh?