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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Mesh and Lace-Modern English

 I might have found a calling for when I retire. I am going to review rock shows as a living. At least I'll finally have some fun working. 

This review is a long time coming. 

This past September I trekked up to Daryl's House Club (Daryl Hall is the owner) in Pawling NY to check out Modern English. For those who don't remember, Modern English was part of the 2nd British Invasion in the early 80's with their hit, "I Melt With You" which got considerable airtime on MTV. And lest I forget, the montage scene from one of my all time favorite movies, "Valley Girl" (Yes, it is a guilty pleasure of mine). 

The tour was basically celebrating the 40th anniversary of the album, "After the Snow," which Melt is on. 

Yes, the average age of the crowd was 50 plus. The band is 60 plus, but it seemed like 1982 all over again. Fortunately, I was able to check out the setlist at and immersed myself into what they would be performing that night. 

What really got me wanting to see them is the incredible job the band did during the pandemic with a updated version of Melt

But seeing them in a club was a perfect setting. In fact I am starting to prefer small venues and clubs instead of arenas for shows now. 

ME put on a great show. Robbie Grey is a great frontman and his passion in his music and singing really made the crowd much more joyous. ME's guitarist, Gary McDowell, well how do I explain? Look at the photos. He changed quite a bit. But the love on his face of playing the guitar was something have only seen with Alex Lifeson. 

Daryl's House is a great venue. Small and cozy and a place to have dinner and drinks. 

Next up for me is Daryl Hall in Port Chester in June and Rod Stewart with Cheap Trick for me in Bethel Woods.

Here's a bit of Melt filmed with Robbie Grey telling everyone to "put the fucking phones away!"

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