SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Ariel Sacks. Aiding and Abetting Law Breaking?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ariel Sacks. Aiding and Abetting Law Breaking?

Yes, more Ariel Sacks. Remember how last week in she ripped ATR's a new one? But apparently she showed her hypocrisy, and an actual lack of caring about the students with this comment:
One of the ATR's is covering for a special education teachers who is on maternity leave. If no teacher is absent, I can count on her to be in my room while I have my CTT class. (When she's not there, I'm on my own...another story for another post.)
Why are you alone in a CTT class Ariel? Do you know that it is against state education law for a CTT class to be manned by only one teacher? Do you know that you are a designated reporter and by law are required to report this? According to the Special Commissioner of Investigation:
......Every officer and employee of the City School District of the City of NewYork, the Chancellor, the PEP and all other officers and employees of the City shall have the affirmative obligation to report, directly and without undue delay, to the Special Commissioner of Investigation, any and all information concerning conduct which they know or should reasonably know may involve corrupt or other criminal activity...
You know a law is being broken. You are under obligation to report this immediately. But you haven't. Why not? Shame on you Ariel.


Ariel Sacks said...

I did report it and am not on my own at this point. peace.

Pete Zucker said...

Yeah, sure.