SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Went Ariel Sacks

Friday, October 23, 2009

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet Went Ariel Sacks

Teacher and noted sycophant Ariel Sacks of Brooklyn's School for Democracy and Leadership wrote a highly critical article yesterday in Gotham Schools critical of three ATR's (Absent Teacher Reserve) in her school in which she claimed her principal interviewed 37 ATR's and they all were useless, and she berated the three ATR's in her school as overpaid, ignorant, and generally past their prime as teachers.

Now I am sure that Ariel thinks she is pretty special because not only does she have a Bank Street degree, but in the 4 years she has been teaching has somehow made it to department chair. Wow, that is impressive. Seems that not only is Ariel a real go getter, but she is one of those dithering types that takes DOE regulations seriously.

So seriously, that she Tweets during school hours, as I posted here. But, there is something amiss. Yesterday on Accountable Talk blog I listed the dates as March 10, and March 27 2009. Ariel Sacks deleted those Tweets since yesterday. Ariel what are you hiding? I should have taken a screen capture, but failed to do so. Guess what Ariel? If anyone wanted to, the Tweets are still on the servers of the DOE and Twitter. Shame on you Ariel.


Ariel Sacks said...

Dude, you are bugging. I'm not a big tweeter and have not checked my twitters or deleted anything since I last posted days ago. But why would that be your concern anyway? what are YOU doing with your time?

If you want to know more about me as a teacher, check out my blog posts. My practice is a pretty open book.

Pete Zucker said...

I know what I saw yesterday. March 10 and March 27 you Tweeted during official school hours. As far as why it is my concern? Because you are a RAT. The worst thing you can do is betray your union brothers and sisters and you did that in your blogging yesterday.

Now as far as me wanting to know about you as a teacher, I know all there is to know. As far as your practice, WTF? Are you a doctor?