SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Bloomberg Is a Plagiarist!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bloomberg Is a Plagiarist!!!

I am in shock. I am appalled. In tonight's mayoral debate, Mayor for Life Bloomberg blabbered in regards to Bill Thompson's tenure in the old BOE: “You don’t get a medal for rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, and that’s exactly what he did,” the mayor said of his opponent’s tenure on the board.

I said to self, "Self, where have I heard that before?" So the research team here at SBSB dug deep into the blog archive and found what was being looked for.

September 27, 2008, 6: 42 PM in an article entitled; "The Deck Chairs on the Titanic," this was written:
"All we have now is the captain of the Titanic rearranging the deck chairs while the ship be sinking."

OK, I know, not exactly plagiarism, more like paraphrasing, but the same meaning. You ripped me off Herr Bloomberg. For Shame! You are a scheister and a gonoff.

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Your rightful indignation, Sirs, that words you assert you penned were employed/used/quoted by others without acknowledging their source is Duly noted.

Theft of any kind in this already very troubled world, which remains in a continuing economic meltdown, wherein so much injustice exists must always be viewed as an abomination of epic proportions.

Might I request that the well proven abilities of the folks at the legendary South Bronx Schools research team temporarily turn its attention from theft of words, dear as words are to my literary heart and focus attention on theft of financial resources within the New York City Public Schools system where "No Bid" contracts are the order of the day.

We recently witnessed how an astounding $ 95,000,000 (Ninety-Five Million) Dollar contract to do some "computer work" was awarded with no market place bidding to a "company" that had no legal office address and operated out of a Post Office Box in Brooklyn- or was it a box in Florida- or perhaps both just in case the "principals" of this alleged "computer company" felt in need of a well deserved rest, a tan and perhaps a cool Martini after a hard day's work of visiting and checking their Mail Box for new checks.

Some say the story on the street is that once they had the money they would simply outsource the work to whoever was up to the task and pocket the bulk of the $ 95,000,000 as "fair compensation" for "services rendered".

My guess is you can purchase a mountain of computer services and computer brain power in places like India (which is drowning in such resources) for say a paltry $ 45,000,000 and that still leaves a cool $ 50,000,000 as one's Net Profit on a $ 95,000,000 contract.

But then, considering that the NYC DOE now has an operating budget of over Twenty-Two Billion dollars- (more than the total gross national product of many of the poorer nations of the Earth), who is worrying if a "company" operating out of some type of "mail drop" in Brooklyn is going to make a neat profit of Five or Ten million or even Fifty Million dollars.

So what if some public school children in NYC lack books or learn in classrooms where the paint is falling from the walls and ceilings or perhaps do not even have classrooms from whose ceilings, paint flakes and lead and/or asbestos particles may rain down upon them.

"Let them eat cake" someone once said before someone else updated the phrase to "Let them eat Tofu".

I am now closing in on the finish to my Second NY State Teacher Trial affectionately referred to as a "3020a" because I documented on film some of what I have said here. That film is now in a bank vault.

For those who believe they can handle the Truth- which I submit, many cannot- I will be testifying under Sworn Oath on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 19, 20, 21, starting at 10 AM, in a Hearing Room at 49 Chambers Street, 6 th Floor.

It is that nondescript, old and some would describe as a quite dirty building, facing that gleaming marbled Palace that houses the NYC Dept of Education- that is to say the former Tweed Courthouse named after the notorious political crook, of the last century, Boss Tweed.

These final days of my NY State Teacher trial are expected to make some kind of history.

The general Public and Press are welcome to attend to learn how New York City treats a former hero, even a teacher personally decorated in a New York City Hall ceremony, as a Teacher of the Year by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, - because that teacher found he could not avert his eyes from corruption and thus became a Whistle-Blower.

Be sure to request the Hearing Room of the Hon. Douglas J. Bantle, Esq.