SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Natlie Ravitz Needs To Walk In Other's Shoes

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Natlie Ravitz Needs To Walk In Other's Shoes

Oh Missy Natalie Ravitz is at it again. Tweed's Minister of Propaganda wrote something in the Huffington Post this past Wednesday which the ideas, words, and thoughts are attributed to her.

Yest again, Missy Natalie is taking on Diane Ravitz, who wrote an op-ed piece in the Daily News last Monday.The last time she did, the crack team here at SBSB deciphered her meandering blabbering easier than touching one's finger to their nose. So with equal ease tonight we yet again expose that Missy Natalie is not only way off base in her writings, but show how embarrassingly simple her thought process, or the thought process of the actual writer is.

Diane Ravitch has concluded that schools hardly matter when it comes to academic success; it's really about how much money a kid's parents make. ;

No Missy. Gee, didn't we go over this last time about your inaccuracies in quoting Diane Ravitch, as well as your seeming ability to take things out of context. Let's look at the entire context of what Diane wrote.

Certainly teachers are very important - the most important cause of student success within the school. But scholars agree that factors outside the school are even more important than the teacher, especially family income.

Yes, teachers are important, but "within the school." What Diane actually did here was quote scholars. Scholars, though unnamed, not only have more of an understanding of education than you do, but Diane Ravitch has enough street cred in my book to not have to be named.

You then blabber; Ms. Ravitch argues that factors "outside the school are even more important than the teacher, especially family income," because rich kids' parents "take them to the library and museums... give them good medical care and nutrition... travel and... endow them with a large vocabulary before the first day of school."

Yeah income is very important. But have you ever been in a classroom? Have you ever actually taught? Natalie, how do you think you got into UMich and London School of Economics? You think if mummsy and dada had you sit in front of the TV watching He Man and the Masters of the Universe all day, and Tom and Jerry all night you would have succeeded? If your nannies and hand maidens didn't speak to you in many different words and got your critical thinking skills working would you have succeeded? Maybe Yes, maybe no, but your vocabulary was never lacking.

I, and others see it every single day. The lack of vocabulary. Now, one might quibble over whether or not it has anything to do with the income level of the parents. I tend to also include class and parents education level. But to look down the end of your nose and say that vocabulary has nothing to do with a students success in school and standardized tests is just not only ignorance but clearly a lack of critical thinking skills on your part.

She claims that after a "close reading," the methodology of value-added data is not to be trusted

Please share with all of us the algorithmic equation used. One of our spies at Tweed came up with this.

Actually, we do, which Ms. Ravitch would know if she'd taken even a passing glance at our value-added model.

Again, where it be? And one more thing. You, and your cronies at Tweed would understand what it is like to be a teacher if you ever just took a passing glance at what we do.

Indeed, perhaps the most crucial fact about value-added data is that it accounts for the background of students in a given teacher's classroom -- factors such as poverty level, English language proficiency, ethnicity, gender, disability status, absenteeism, the number of suspensions, and class size, just to name a few.

I for one am a tad confused. You take all this stuff into factoring a student's VAA, but why then can't Diane Ravitch factor in what she says is most important to whether or not a student succeeds? I smell a contradiction.

The last thing we want is for teachers to be judged based on factors outside their control. The value-added model ensures that this does not happen.

OMG!!!! I laughed so hard that a Reese's Peanut Butter cup blew out my nose and onto the computer screen.

Value-added data is not the full measure of a teacher.

Yeah, sure. Tell that to Rigoberto Ruelas

You know Missy Natalie. You know what you are? You are just a hack. An overpaid, under qualified hack. You have no, none, zero, ability to think for yourself. You only do the bidding of your masters. You are a minion. You are a nothing. You need to get out of those $300 shoes, go to Pay Less and see how the other half lives. Once you live your gilded life, once you replace the silver spoon with a plastic one than you can share what you claim are your opinions.

Live life in someone else's shoes.


Anonymous said...


She is a hack. I wonder if she even believe the shit that she writes. Taking on Diane Ravitch TWICE? What Natalie knows about education wouldn't fill a thimble.

Anonymous said...

Come on, don't you know that Ravitch is the queen of education and takes the time to educate the best educators in the world? You have met your match this time. Ravitch will bring hell fire down upon you and will enlist her minions of highly effective teachers.