SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Vic De Salvo Meets Randi Weingarten

Monday, October 4, 2010

Vic De Salvo Meets Randi Weingarten

Oh hi. I was just watching Brian Jones p3wn the panelists on NBC. I am now taking a break after beating my head silly against a concrete wall when ever Randi Weingarten opened her mouth. But during the time of of head thrusting into concrete I had an epiphany on what to do about Randi Weingarten and that open sore under her nose. And all it takes is the inspiration of Vic De Salvo

Remember Vic? Actually, Danny DeVito. In 1984, DeVito, starred and directed a cable movie, "The Ratings Game." He played a small time hood that wanted to get a pilot on a network. The network relented but put the pilot up against game 1 of the World Series. Vic, upon learning from girlfriend Rhea Perlman that all it took was about thirty families to skew the ratings. Vic sent these families away on a "cruise." Turned out since the pilot was a hit, Vic and his paisans, got commitments for more shows and the families were at sea for over a year.

So, here is the plan. Teachers from all over the United States chip in and buy a garbage scow or something. Paint up and beautify only one side. Put a few help wanted ads in Manilla for a crew, and then send Randi a letter telling her that she is a a grand prize winner and wins an all inclusive cruise around the world. For other passengers, homeless and the unemployed can be plucked off the street. They'll be happy to just get away.

In the year that she is gone, and out of range of any modern day communication devices, she will be unable to screw things up anymore.

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