SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Is Th-Th-Th-That All Ruben?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is Th-Th-Th-That All Ruben?

The official Blog Monkey™ of Educators4Excellence, and also Gotham Schools, Ruben Brosbe, has written a convoluted, look at me article, which some have interpreted, as to be his goodbye. Yes, we don't have confirmation, yet there are several signs that are pointing to this conclusion. Let's have a looksee.

Yesterday, one of my blogging brethren, Accountable Talk, wrote yet another asshat article on his blog. A commenter, who billed themself as AsshatForTenureDenial left this comment; "For those who really want to know about Ruben Brosbe, his tenure was also denied. This I can assure you." That is clue #1

The second clue actually is a series of me having asked Ruben in Gotham and by leaving, or attempting to leave, comments on his blog whether or not he has ever been denied or extended tenure. These questions have been met with either silence or blogger moderation.

The third clue is again leaving him a comment on his blog on his most recent piece as to whether or not he has been denied tenure and/or been discontinued. Again, silence. Yes, I know I am a major nudge, but I have allowed comments that have been clear cuts attacks here on SBSB. Why won't Ruben allow dissenting views on his blog?

But the fourth clue is what makes one raise an eyebrow much as Mr Spock once did. If you read Ruben's piece there is the typical kvecthing and whining, but nowhere does he write about looking forward to next year, how he might incorporate what he has learned this year into next, how he might better himself next year, etc... The crack team looked at this quizzically and again over Chinese take out from Tung Sing on Central Ave decided to have a look at Ruben's previous end of the year posts.
At the end of Ruben's first year of teaching in 2008 he wrote this. The clue, 
"and after looking forward to next year as a chance to do the grade right, it's looking like I won't get that chance." 
In June 2009, he blabbered;  
"...that I'm actually finishing my second year of teaching (the end of my commitment to Teaching Fellows) or that I'm actually going to fight to teach for a third year" 
In June 2010 he spewed,  
"What's surprised me most lately is how ready I am to go back in the fall."  
But here we are, July of 2011 and not once has Ruben mentioned next year. Not once in any single posting in June 2011, and not once in what appears to be his farewell. How quaintly curious.

If this is true, why was he denied or extended tenure now a possible second year in a row? His it his blog? Doubt it. It is not controversial, but he does come across like a sniveling, whiny, Nancy all the time.  His teaching? I can't comment on this truly without seeing the scores of his students, seeing him teach. I don't think he is as good as he fancies himself, but I don't think he is that bad a teacher. In fact, if he was caught up in this whole denying imbroglio that is infecting the DOE I have no choice but to support him.

So what is it? I'll tell you what it is. It's karma, baby. Just like the schmuck last week who was killed whilst riding his motorcycle without a helmet in protest of helmet laws, Ruben ran face first into karma. To paraphrase Dick Martin, Ruben is this years winner of the Fickle Finger of Fate award.

How ironic it is that Ruben is doing everything he can to fu** over veteran teachers that had gone out of their way to mentor him, to assist him, to guide him. How ironic it is that Ruben advocates fu**ing over teachers with mortgages, children, car payments, lives so he can be part of group, to feel accepted, to get some type of validation as a human being that he never received as a child.

Ruben Brosbe is one of the worst type, and I use this term loosely, human beings. He is lower than a used car salesman. Ruben will do whatever he can do fu** someone over, especially a veteran teacher. And worse! Worse is that Ruben sees teaching as all about him. All about how he can look good, how he can use educator on his resume to advance his career. How the students should show him constant adulation and reverence because the rich white boy his there to save all the little boys and girls of color.

If Ruben was denied tenure will he go crying to the UFT for help? I doubt it. He will do what rich little white boys of privilege do. Have daddy pay to retain an attorney. Will he go running to his little friends, or rather associates at E4E? No, and besides they probably are looking for a chance to drop him like a hot potato. Opportunists, like those at E4E, despise opportunists and joiners like Ruben.

As an old teaching colleague once told me, "don't ever come between me and my direct deposit," Ruben did all he can to come between the direct deposit of 78,000 NYC  teachers.

Of course if Ruben wishes to grow a set and refute any of what I have written he is more than welcome to leave comments. His comments will not be moderated nor edited. But he shant. He is a balless wonder.

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Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh every time I read "The Official E4E Blog Monkey".

Though I'm looking forward to reading "My Fifth Year as a Probationary Teacher: An E4E Perspective", if what you speculate is correct, and he was denied tenure, then he was fired.

Any chance you could do either of these pieces next:

*6 similarities shared between Sidney Morris and Corky from "Life Goes On"


*Why, if he was on Star Trek, Ruben Brosbe would wear a red shirt