SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Next South Bronx School Internet Radio Cast

This coming Tuesday night, July 12 at 9 PM EDT we welcome the one, the only, the fantastic, the lovely, the affable Frustrated Teacher from The Frustrated Teaher blog; He will square off against a mystery conservative guest that will be revealed Tuesday night. TFT will surely P3WN this guest with the greatest of ease. Fascinating radio it shall be!!!!
Tonight's mystery guest will be Dr. Stephen Guffanti MD who has never taught before and blames teachers for all the is wrong in education, believes in charter schools, home schools is children and believes that God is missing from Education.

Dr Guffanti also has a program, "Rocket Phonics" that promises to take a child to a 5th grade reading level within two years.

Don't forget, tonight at 9 PM EDT. And call in! 917 932 8721

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