SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Is Princess Sydney Morris Getting Paranoid?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is Princess Sydney Morris Getting Paranoid?

So little time, so much Educators4Excellence stuff to report. Of course this is all the result of receiving a plethora of most excellent information from not only the mole that broke bread with Evan last Friday, but also the source within E4E itself that is providing juicy and timely information on the Katzenjammer twins themselves, Little Evan Stone and his main squeeze, Princess Sydney Morris.

According to our source within E4E both Little Evan and Princess Sydney count success more so in the amount of times they are on TV and in print than any legislation they help spearhead, or even whether or not they are improving the education of students. As our mole shared with the crack team during his debriefing last Friday night, "Evan just can't shut up that E4E has 3,000 members. Sounds like a broken record that is stuck on, '3,000 members, 3,000 members.' It's like he has some major Freudian shortcoming he feels he must make up for." Yes, one can assume that with Evan continuously harping on this so called 3,000 person membership that what is most important is the publicity that Little Evan and Princess Sydney receive, not the so called students first mantra they claim that they believe in.

Our source within E4E also shared that Little Evan and Princess Sydney have become more and more paranoid of late. Witness their cleansing of their website of any upcoming events on its front page. This is also apparent in E4E's new Vimeo video page in which comments have been disabled for both of E4E's videos (You will need to sign in to Vimeo to see that comments have been deleted).

Also according to the source, Princess Sydney runs E4E with an iron fist. It must be her way, or the highway. If something is not done her way, or she is contradicted she easily can turn on that person. Princess Sydney, according to the source, is having an extremely difficult time dealing with the pressure of what is being written by such blogs as mine, Accountable Talk, and Ednotes. She is unable to deal with the pressure of dissent, both from within and out of E4E.

But the most interesting news our source shared is that before opening up shop in Los Angeles, Little Evan and Princess Sydney were exploring opening up shop in Hartford CT. What changed their mind was that they did not feel that Hartford afforded them the same bang for the publicity buck as Los Angeles offered.

This is surprising. I have been to Hartford twice in my life and Los Angeles twice. Yes, Hartford is not Los Angeles, but Hartford has much bigger problems than Los Angeles and many more problems than Los Angeles.  For two people that claim that students come first, by not moving into Hartford, but instead, Los Angeles where they feel there is a bigger media market to be available to them shows who Little Evan and Princess Sydney truly choose to come first.


Michael Fiorillo said...

Why on earth would Sidney and Evan have problems with being recognized and called out on the fact that they are fifth columnist scabs?

After all isn't that what they're being paid to be?

Anonymous said...

They considered Harford because former Tweedie Garth Harries is one of the biggies running the schools and he would probably have given then entree. Maybe Evan is lonely to go home to LA. Sydney is such a control freak she has Evan on a very tight leash. Arf Evan!

Anonymous said...

I CANT WAIT for the "Horrible Two" to pack their bags and get out of my town. They are simply not wanted here and will probably get even worse treatment in LA. (The LA teachers union is small potatoes compared to the UFT and those teachers are NOT going to want to hear any E$E nonsense.) It will be great to watch the ship burn down from afar! Keep up the great work.