SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Princess Sydney Morris Calls Mall Cops On A True American

Monday, October 10, 2011

Princess Sydney Morris Calls Mall Cops On A True American

 Hey teachers of Los Angeles, here is more truth to how Educators4Excellence works.

Behind ever wingnut there is their wingnut babe.  Juan Peron had Evita, Hitler had Eva Braun, Mussolini had Clara Petacci, Ferdinand Marcos had Imleda, Napoleon had Josephine, Louis XVI had Marie Antoinette, and Little Evan Stone has his Princess Sydney Morris. Yeah, the inside source at E4E has confirmed that Little Evan and Princess Sydney are not only a couple, but just recently bought themselves an apartment. Mr Gates, have you audited the funding you have given these two?

This past Thursday night, October 6, E4E in conjunction with its propaganda arm, E4E Propagands LLC, gave a screening of American Teacher at AMC 25 in Times Square. But that is not what her imperiousness got her tizzies in tatters about.

What got her holiness, her highness, all guffawed? A 65 year old man, with a bum hand and wrist.

Norm Scott, the author of Ednotesonline and Norm's Notes decided that as an American, as a true patriot, he felt that he had the right to counter the propaganda that E4E propagates by doing nothing more than handing out leaflets to the GEM showing this coming Friday night, October 14, of the hit movie, "Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman." No biggie right? Yes, officially AMC 25 is privately run, yet E4E, though it claims it only receives private funds, at the very least it probably is receiving some type of public government support, so Norm was toeing a fine line. But Norm as an American, as a patriot felt it was his fiduciary duty to get the word out about his movie.

Did Sydney just leave well enough alone? No. She sicked the mall cops after Norm. Can anyone fathom this? Norm Scott, someone who hold the ideals of America in high regard, Norm Scott, a man who does all he can to uphold the Constitution each and every day of his waking hours. Norm Scott, a man who does not go through a day with out doing some sort of mitzvah. This is what our country has come to when a man like Norm is harassed to the point where he can't act like an American.

Norm wrote in his blog; 
At this point, Miss Congeniality (Princess Sydney Morris) turned ugly, clearly perturbed that people might get to know there was a Real Reform movie being shown on Oct. 14. So Sydney has security called to hassle me.
This is not the America I know, but rather the country that E4E wishes to model itself after; Mall of America. This is a sad day for America, a sad day for educators, and a sad day for all.

What is Princess Sydney afraid of? An AARP member? A 65 year old man? One of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing? A man who if he knew you were hungry would in a second get you a brisket sandwich and a bottle of Dr Brown's Cel-Ray soda?

Why is Princess Sydney, her main squeeze, Little Evan Stone so afraid of dissent? What are they so scornful of transparency? These are some questions the teachers of Los Angeles need to ask themselves before they sign the loyalty oath, before they drink the Kool-Aid.

One more thing teachers of Los Angeles. Before you think that Little Evan and Princess Sydney are some type of education rock stars, think about this. A source close to both of these "people" at their former school, PS 86 in the Bronx shared with the crack team that Princess Sydney had no classroom management and always needed to get outside assistance to calm down her class.

There is a lot to think about.


ed notes online said...

I hate cel-ray soda. Used to spit it out in the pickle barrel. Sydney called some guy who could have been an usher who wanted to know what movie I was going to see. I said I'm standing here trying to decide - I don't see you hassling anyone else looking at the movies.

I invited them to the screening of our movie this Friday - they said they would come - so come on down everyone and join the debate. Community Church 40 E. 35 St bet Park and MAdison - 6PM.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what Evan and Sydney's spawn would look like...bulging glass jaws and flat faces. Eewww.