SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Did I Have a Dream or Did The Dream Have Me?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Did I Have a Dream or Did The Dream Have Me?

"Did I have a dream, or did the dream have me?" Peart, Neil, from the song Nocturne off of Vapor Trails 2002.

There I was the other night about 3 AM, lying in my bed, my cat sleeping ever so peacefully at my
feet, my wife with the cold cream covering her face and the curlers covering her hair, sawing wood ever so unquitely. Me? I'm lying wide awake, in a cold sweat, and not knowing if I had a dream, the dream had me, or was whisked away to some other dimension and made part of a vision. All I know is the setting was my school.

Was it all just fantasy? Reality? A warning? Or some combination thereof? All I am sure of is it took place in my school and I was seeing what was happening there.

I saw a person that never lies (so this person says) kinda of like that Romulan chick that Spock once tried to get it on with once.

This Romulan came to us from an elite Ivy League university in Manhattan. A university in what was called Afternoonside Heights. And in this university is an elite school where people from all over the world come to learn how to be a teacher and fail to become leaders, Educators College. At Educators College these, let's call them elitists, oh wait better!! Cultists, of EC, of which the Romulan is part of, but also is an instructor there involved in some type of unseemly conflict of interest.

In the dream it appeared that whilst the Romulan was employed part time by Educators College, the Romulan also brought into the school the cultist, failing reading and writing program of EC. Yes, the one that spew forth all those inane drones who are willing to pay $995 a credit to keep the boys and girls of color ignorant so that they will learn that only the white Aryan types know what is best for them.

But this conflict of interest I see

But wait, don't go away, there is more. 

There it is, the summer of 2012. The In Reality It's a Closed Market system is up on the on the DOE website. But strange, even though there are vacancies I see in the dream at was is my school, there are no vacancies listed on the In Reality It's a Closed Market system.

In the dream someone shares with me a classified ad from the Educators College propaganda newsletter. In this news letter it is asking for a teacher that will be happy, joyful, and gosh diddly darn tootin the most sycophantical person ever. The position is for a general ed, or rather COMMON BRANCH position.

So ever more strange is that the position was filled not with one of the many hundreds of ATR's who were scouring In Reality It's a Closed Market system desperately trying to find a school but with someone, albeit someone very good yet unsupported.

That is all I truly remember from this vision, dream, or whatever it was. Just still remember a bunch of other lies, falsehoods and bullshit, but no details.

Soon, soon more details will emerge. Then all will be clearer.

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