SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Mr Portelos Picks the Ottawa Senators and Enjoys Lessons From Richard Nixon

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mr Portelos Picks the Ottawa Senators and Enjoys Lessons From Richard Nixon

 We here at SBSB know this might come off as snarky and a tad sarcastic,  for that is the style here. As should be known, The Crack Team has the utmost of respect, admiration, and love for Francesco Portelos.

One can learn so much from Francesco Portelos. For instance, if one were to ask Mr Portelos which team were to win this years Stanley Cup he would say with a great degree of self confidence that it
will be the Ottawa Senators. Or, where one can fine a good pastrami sandwich he would declare that it would be Katz's Deli on Houston St.

So when it comes to the New York State law on he legality of recording someone, he is the man to turn to. He basically has not only written the primer on such recordings, but has shared his techniques, secrets, and his annoying of others.

So, Mr Portelos, we here at SBSB put it to you. Please, can you share some of your vast knowledge with the readers of SBSB?

Can one in New York State record someone without their knowledge? 

Yes, we know the answer to that. As long as one person being recorded gives permission the answer is an resounding, yes.

Can one share, say on a blog, or other social media, said recordings?

The Crack Team says yes. Unless, that is David Letterman calls you at work and has previously asked you for permission. Or when a radio disc jockey asks permission when he calls your house. But then again, The Crack a team will defer to Mr Portelos.

Mr Portelos, we here at SBSB assume that you are too young to recall Nixon's Watergate Tapes, but do agree that Nixon was on to something? 

Mr Portelos, would it be safe to assume that there is something more damning out there than the Nixon Tapes?  

Mr Portelos, do you think those that are taped, like Ehrlichman and Haldeman liked the sound of their own voices?

 We here at SBSB await with bated breath not only the response from Mr Portelos, but guidance and direction as well.

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Francesco Portelos said...

I never thought of myself as a trailblazer. I simply did not trust the principal and her cronies. One of which was the former chapter leader. I have a defamation case and federal lawsuit. Both of which are strong for many reasons. One reason is lies caught on "tape".

I have not illegally recorded anyone. My superintendent is trying to discipline me but had cancelled two meetings because I told her I'm recording them. See here.