SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Lucy and Ethel at PS 154 in the Bronx

Friday, May 24, 2013

Lucy and Ethel at PS 154 in the Bronx

"This shit can't be made up"-Maimonides AD 1167

We can't believe what is happening at PS 154. Lucy and Ethel have completely ruined the possibility of any education, any order, and any discipline. Worse, and I can't believe this is true, Lucy is the least of the problem. It is all Ethel.

As discussed many times on these pages the discipline, specifically the out of control 5th grade, is not just lacking, but non-existent. It is time that Ethel is held responsible for this.

One main reason for the out of control nature of the 5th grade students is that they know that once they are in anyway disciplined or admonished by any other teacher that the usual refrain from these  students is, "I'm telling Ethel." Yes, there are pockets of "I'm telling Lucy," but 99% of the time the teacher being told on by the students goes to Ethel.

Ethel thinks she is doing these students a favor by either being their buddy or that she feels so bad for them that she is foisting upon them ownership of their emotions and education. Sadly, when one has an Ivy League education one tends to forget from whence one came and believes they are smarter than the entire planet.

What Ethel is doing is just what Annie Wilkes did to Paul Sheldon, hobbling the staff. Worse, she is not allowing the students that most need to learn and respect boundaries to comprehend boundaries. She is doing these students a terrible disservice.

We talk about lifting these students up through the CCLS to be college and career ready, but how can we has a school community sit idly by while these students are not learning discipline, boundaries, patience, and ethics which they will need in college and their careers? All Lucy seems to care about is that these students feel good and are nice and happy.

I know there are many egregious examples of Lucy taking the "students first" mantra to the nth degree and pulling the rug from under teachers leaving them looking stupid and dumbfounded, but the following two are what come to mind and just sum up Ethel's liberal unrealistic mind set.

In February of this year a Herschel Weinstein lied to a teacher about the need to use the bathroom. Herschel left the classroom and went to a 2nd grade class instead. Why? Because the teacher in this class had a surprise candy concoction for him for Valentine's Day. Herschel came back to class after 20 minutes of having to "pee" and with the candy being prominently displayed.

Since this was the end of the day and being caught by the teacher he left from, his homeroom teacher told the Herschel in no uncertain terms that he has forfeited the candy, that a phone call will be placed home to notify his mother, that if mom agrees he will get the candy the next day, and it will be locked in that teacher's room overnight.

Guess what? Herschel entered the building after dismissal sought out Ethel and whined enough to have Ethel go into that teacher's room and give the candy to the Herschel. Right then, she made two teachers look like clowns. Right then, she taught Herschel that there are no boundaries, right then, she contributed to the circus atmosphere at 154.

Oh, and Herschel did not learn a lesson at all.

Next up is about a Faivish Goldbaum who had his blade-blade confiscated for having it out in class. Faivish was told that if and when mom contacts the teacher he can have it back. Faivish knowing that the mom doesn't even show up for parent teacher conferences surmised that he would never see the blade-blade again. Not to worry.

Faivish went whining to Ethel. Ethel then went to the teacher saying, "I will hold it until mom shows up. I just left a message on her voice mail." Knowing this was bullshit, but holding out against hope that Ethel was telling the truth the teacher handed over the blade-blade. That teacher even inquired to Ethel whether or not the mom had been notified and had shown up. Ethel even assured the teacher that Faivish will not get the blade-blade back without mom coming in.

This was two weeks ago. Faivish got the blade-blade back that day. Ethel caved. Ethel back stabbed a teacher. Ethel is a sucker. Ethel she taught Faivish that there are no boundaries, right then, she contributed to the circus atmosphere at 154.

Oh, and Faivish did not learn a lesson at all.

Seriously, Maimonides is right. This shit that happens in no way, no how, can be made up. It all is too real.

"Ay yai, yai!"-Ricky Ricardo AD 1954

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That line is used in EVERY school. "you can't make this shit up!"

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