Saturday, February 10, 2018

ATR's Beware The Clown!

The False Prophet, The Purveyor of Bullshit, The Cult Leader, The Narcissistic Fabulist,
Fuckface von Clownstick, The Clown, Francesco Portelos, is at it again.

What false hope is he selling to the disaffected mass of ATR's who are so (understandably)  desperate for a something, anything? That one person and one alone, yes, Fuckface von Clownstick will lead you to the promised land of ATR redemption and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is age discrimination to be found. It's that easy. But sadly, it's not.

Personally, I believe that the DOE does not want teachers above the age of 40. Kinda like Logan's Run where one outlives their usefulness. Do I think there is some kind of smoking gun out there that shows the plotting of the DOE specifically conspiring against older teachers? Somewhere, buried and never seen again. Will it be found if it exists? Nope.

Why am I so vehemently against this? Let me explain.

First off, this is not an indictment against Bryan Glass. I believe Bryan is above reproach both ethically and morally as an attorney and as a person. I, and my family, are indebted to Bryan's representation of me and how tirelessly he worked for me. I believe Bryan is an excellent lawyer and if Mr von Clownstick were not involved Bryan would prevail.

But that's the problem. Mr von Clownstick is involved. Everything Mr von Clownstick gets involved with dies. Mr von Clownstick has lost at every turn with every and any court or court like case he has been involved in since his 3020-a. He might win one, but fortunately the person who is suing him has a worse track record than he.

Mr von Clownstick is a schlomozel. You remember, from Laverne and Shirley? A schlemeil is the guy who spills the soup. The schlomozel is the putz that the soup is spilled on.

There is no smoking gun ti be found. Smoking guns come around once in a lifetime. I came across my own smoking gun and it helped, but not as much as one would think.

What really bothers me the most is that Mr von Clownstick is up to his old tricks of turning teacher against teacher.That's just the way Mr von Clownstick. Just ask Mr Candida.

According to Mr von Clownstick this guide gives you the 1-2-3 of how to jack up another teacher while making it so easy to win your "age discrimination" case. How?

1. FOIL who received your position that you applied for. 2. Once you get the information in from the DOE's FOIL unit in 6 months, go to 3) NYS Ed Dept. Teacher Certification Search, 4) Type in the teacher's name from your super secret stash of FOILed teacher's names and 5) See if that teacher has less years than you do and therefore....6) With that information you get the Magic Ticket and win your case ipso facto or 7) Do as Mr von Clownstick and just harass and stalk that teacher forever or go after their families. Or both.

But. But what it you do the above? You find the teacher that "stole" your job? You see on the NYS Ed. site that that teacher has only 4 years total in the NYCDOE whilst you have 21. Guess what? It does not give the teacher's age. That 4 year teacher can very well be over 40. Can very well be over 45. Can very well be over 50. Then what? Mr von Clownstick got bupkus and he is left holding is schmeckel in his hand.

I am tired of seeing teachers suffer. Worse, I am tired of seeing other teacher (singular on purpose) cause and enable teachers to suffer, especially for their own aggrandizement. Ultimately in my opinion, this is nothing but a ploy to fill the blanks in a email list.

We must not take advantage of teachers who are swallowing bleach, who are are depressed, who are on the precipice of life. We must do everything we can to support and nurture what is best for that teacher. Sometimes just a shoulder to cry on is needed or sometimes fighting back full throttle. But the wisdom to choose between the two is based on maturity and the empathy. Not narcissism or hatred.

The easiest thing to do for any ATR or even a teacher in or has been in trouble is to carry a chip on their shoulder. That is not helpful. Always consider the source. Always consider whether or not someone is projecting their foibles, their shortcomings on you.

Be careful. Remember, you when you are on the phone discussing this, there is a very good chance you are being recorded.


Vivian said...

Can you provide the link for the Teacher Certification Search?

Pete Zucker said...

Nope. I am not going to be privy to such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Your post is getting more ATRs interested in the suit. Valentine’s Day is this week; send your favorite obsession some chocolates and a card.
Your going off the rails again, get some help.

Pete Zucker said...

I doubt it since Friday was last day to join.

As for my “obsession” I’ve written much more about E4E, Eva, Whitney Tilson, Klein, Bloomberg, and any others that threaten the fabric of education so why isn’t that considered obsessive? If Mr von Clownstick is having issues with me writing about him, stop doing dumb ass stuff. That simple.

Anonymous said...

I thought I read they are still taking submissions on Facebook, but the firm's site doesn't indicate it here

Anonymous said...

You can still sign up. I don’t know anything about him except for all the stuff you write. It’s obsession, good luck.

Anonymous said...

And I agree with you it’s a waste of time and $250.

Pete Zucker said...

So next time I write about e4e that’ll be obsession? The next time I write about Success and/or Eva Moskowitz that’ll be obsession?

Anonymous said...

E4e, etc. ..not equivalent. Those are big players. This guy is a flea. You have a serious resentment, but hey, it's ur blog, and he is a dick.

Anonymous said...

Are you really saying that this isn't an obsession you have for him? Your blog used to be funny as hell. Turned bitter and sad as you sat reassigned. Hasn't been the same.

Anonymous said...

Ny state teacher certification lookup. Google it. I found my unit coordinator in d75 school is not certified special ed but she is a phys ed teacher. Foi baby.