SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: E4E's Michael Loeb: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Sunday, February 11, 2018

E4E's Michael Loeb: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

 On February 6, Norm Scott over at his blog Ednotes posited some possible type of cooperation Educators 4 Excellence and Unity/UFT due to, well let's read Norm's words...
The resolution described below never came up at the meeting as there was a 6PM adjournment. No one from E4E handed out the reso but a stack was left on the UFT lit table, which we are always told is a no-no - they say they only want official UFT lit and if we try to leave Ed Notes or MORE lit there we get a hassle or even an attempt to throw the lit away.
This goes back to a DA in which an E4E hack, Michael Loeb, science teacher and chapter leader at the The Urban Institute Of Mathematics, put forth a resolution about restorative justice before the assembly and was received in a favorable light by the Priests presiding over the DA.

I have written about Michael Loeb in the past (here and here). But it appears that Michael is nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing. What or who is Michael Loeb?

Michael is a big macha (He's the treasurer!) in the E4E hierarchy as we can see here in the financials for 2016 of E4E. Does Unity/UFT know about this? Do his colleagues at UIM know about this?

Michael also seems to have passed muster with Unity/UFT in that New York Teacher felt Michael was a go to guy for a quote. Maybe the UFT knows of Michael's loyalties? Maybe it doesn't.

I am sure Campbell Brown and her crew at The 74 are well aware of Michael's loyalties. Michael was featured prominently in an article on Campbell Brown's teacher hating website.

One can question Michael's loyalties when a colleague of his at UIM that served our country admirably in the Marine Corps was besmirched. Funny how Michael wasn't quoted in this fray. (At press time The Crack Team is not sure if Michael was the CL at UIM at the time).

Heck, Michael make one wonder about the truth behind E4E's financials when he posted this plea for monies needed for E4E (Yes that is Michael doing his best Les Nessman imitation).

Michael claims (boldface mine)....

....E4E, with our over 10,000 New York and 16,000 national teachers, we take action to improve public education by meeting with elected officials, running for union leadership positions, and advocating for our education policy proposals to improve local schools. 

But what is worse, is Michael has no problem posting photos of his students at UIM and personal information such as names on his personal Twitter account (Find it yourself. I will not give Twitter handle nor link to it). For shame Michael. Putting identifying information of a student on your personal Twitter account as well as students faces.

Maybe Michael, because of who he is and who he knows will skirt by on this. I know of a dear friend who accidentally put a students name on his blog and was grounded. But I am sure Michael will be able to look in the mirror if God forbid something should happen to one of this students. 

But inquiring minds want to know about this meeting of the minds of Unity/UFT and E4E. What gives? Why is this happening now? Can we expect E4E to run with Unity in 2018? Why would Unity/UFT sleep with the enemy? I guess it's official. Of the three caucuses running in 2016 (I am counting New Action w/ MORE) only MORE has yet to reach out to E4E.

What is one tho think? Michael Loeb, it is your serve.


Anonymous said...

How in God's name did an E4E hack get elected chapter leader? His school must be filled with newbie, hipeter teachers who don't have a clue about his organization. Heck, those same hipster teachers will not be paying dues come Janus anyway.

Anonymous said...

Good article, although it doesn't have the same nasty edge as when you attack your obsession (thank goodness).

Pete Zucker said...

Oh there is so much more. This guy is a treasure trove of material.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just want to confirm that Mr. Loeb was the chapter leader at Uim when his “Marine Corps colleague was besmirched.”

Anonymous said...

Idk who the mike loeb guy is, but It’s pretty pathetic that people like you can’t look at the actual resolution to see what good it can do in marginalized communities and or ones with high suspicions. But I guess from want to be liberal folks like yourself, I can see why the resolution it’s self is not the main focus and not this guy. You pretend to care about the communities you serve that don’t even reflect your upbringing.
You should also be ashamed of yourself for trying to belittle a person (period) in the manner you have. We teach our students that bullying is wrong and to be civically engaged individuals and then you blog something like this. Great role model you are! Sad that students have ppl like you out here shaping minds.
Stop bullying. Read the resolution. Make sense of it. Actually give a darn about how this would positively impact school communities and figure out what your real issue is with that guy mike.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know anything about Loeb, but do about E4E. Being a treasurer for them and a Chapter Leader and a NYC public school teacher doesn’t add up. Has E4E become union and public school teacher friendly? Maybe Mr. Loeb should explain how a CL could work for E4E. The UFT let’s this guy make resolutions, while shutting pro-union CLs down and pushing secrecy? Something is very wrong with this picture, though he is very cute in that lamb’s outfit.

Anonymous said...

Y’all needa get ur facts straight and like f*** off cause like he’s our teacher in 7th grade right now and he is like the best person you’ll ever meet and that picture was made by a student out of love for him so f*** off and go find some other s*** to write about cause this ain’t entertaining