SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: MORE Presents It's Contract Demands of the UFT (Seriously)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

MORE Presents It's Contract Demands of the UFT (Seriously)

The Crack Team has studied the MORE contract demands that will be presented to the UFT in the coming months (At press time we are awaiting word whether or the presentation will be private or a public one with marching bands, parades, releasing of the doves and an other ritualistic overtones).

This is what MORE wants the rank and file to get behind eventually, akin to God handing down 15 10 Commandments to Moses at Mt Sinai.

Read it, think it over. You, the Rank and File are blessed.

Mulgrew once he reads this will probably be crapping himself.

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Anonymous said...

Where are the demands? I did not see any? (Getting rid of Danielson, get us 2 observations, etc) I am missing something here?

Michael Fiorillo said...

And how exactly is a group that is busy purging some of its most active members, and which developed these "demands" in secret, going to prepare UFT members for a strike?

I think in the world of psychiatry it's called Delusions of Grandeur.

Anonymous said...

Anon: they aren't demands. The blog post is misleading.
Michael: There were no purges. That is fake news.

Anonymous said...

Mike Schirtzer is Trotsky without having yet had the ice pick shoved in the back of the head yet.

Michael Fiorillo said...

Anonymous 12:20 PM,

If there were no purges, then how would you describe the suspension of two members of the MORE Steering Committee by a minority vote of that same Committee?

The dissembling, disingenuous-ness and lack of democracy in MORE - these contract "proposals" were also presented to the membership as a fait accompli via a secretive process that only members of the Kool Kidz Klub were able to participate in - is totally off the charts, and makes Unity's control of the UFT look like Periclean Athens.

I've been a political leftist my entire life, and seen a lot of bad/embarrassing behavior, deception and self-deception, but the faction controlling this group is off the charts.

It's not a trade union caucus, it's a club and echo chamber for Left conformity/virtue signalling, and it's behavior is indicative of why the Left has been losing for over forty long years...

It's OK, though.

Why? Well remember the movie, "The Sixth Sense?" It's like that: MORE is dead, but just doesn't know it yet.