SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Clown Has Created a Shlimazel

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Clown Has Created a Shlimazel


I was once a disciple of The Clown. I learned through trial and error that The Clown wore no clothes, just shiny clown underpants.

Sadly, not all others have seen just The Clown's shiny underpants.

Mr Shlimazel, followed blindly to the point where his career is now in jeopardy. He has emailed Randi Weingarten, Betsy Combier and others incessantly calling them c**ts. He has harassed a federal judge to the point where US Marshalls have had to visit him and have a "talk."

Yesterday, in reaction to a comment on this blog I incurred Mr Shlimazel's wrath. On a Facebook thread he commented...

"your wife told me she's mentally ill at your 3020-a and only a mentally person could not notice that you're a faggot...are you a sick man that has his wife use a fake dick?"

"Now you have reason to write about me."
So I am now writing with Mr Shlimazel's blessing.

Wow, throwing the old family thing in there huh? Wonder under whose (or is it who's?) tutelage he learned that strategy? Could it have been The Clown's? Funny thing is this person was never at my 3020-a.

But then the texts started...
"Only a mental ill would marry you dagger."

"Get some dick."

"Be a real man faggot."

"You know people think you are a faggot." 

"Seriously...come out of the closet because you're hurting yourself and your is 2018 and you don't need to be in the're more of a woman than your wife, faggot."
I made a mistake and I will cop to it. It was with the best of intentions.

This is very early in 2016. I had a good relationship with this person. At the time I had one with Betsy. Betsy and a friend of hers were being harassed non stop by this person (I have seen the emails). I read the emails that Mr Shlimazel and The Clown were sending.Mr Shlimazel was being vile and causing undo consternation to women. I spoke to him. I tried to clam him down. But in what in my lay opinion was OCD, he wouldn't listen. Betsy and her friend were seriously considering filing criminal charges. I told him that what he was doing can be construed as a crime.

Long story short The Follower just continued and continued with the emails to Betsy, the entire UFT, Randi Weingarten, PERB, and Judge Cogan of the Eastern District of New York. Oh dang, I forgot about the emails (And by emails, we are talking in an OCD (What seems to be to the lay person) manner. Chancellor Farina, US Attorney's office, every journalist in NYC, maybe even Hank Steinbrenner. Who knows?

So yesterday I mentioned to him that he is going off the deep end. I had to. My wife was getting scared. Tried to calm him down. When I asked if he learned from the US Marshalls visit he replied that he will...
" it again"
Oh and about Randi....
"She will pay for her sins."

And then, I get a text saying...

 "tell your Grand Leech  (Randi), i will stop (emailing he means) if i can get out 75%  pay on mental disability from the DoE....this way it is a win/win I don't see the DoE and they don't see me...leaving the DoE is a win"
"Or i keep it up until i get justice"
And of course me, I am at the center of this all. I had lunch with Cogan, Betsy and Randi, and we seemed to have planned this out.


I don't know if to feel sorry for Mr Shlimazel. He made his made. He decided to join The Clown's cult and be played like a dime store floosey. Go to PERB he was told. The chances of winning at PERB are slim and none. Bryan Glass encouraged to go to PERB first for one reason. To get those who are doing bad under oath and on the record. Did The Clown tell Mr Shlimazel this?

In my opinion, he's lost his mind as a plaintiff in his oft dismissed federal lawsuit and is about to lose it in the lawsuit he is involved in as a defendant along with The Clown. He needs to look across the table at the next court date and see The Clown for what he is. If not for The Clown, Mr Shlimazel might still be of sound mind.

All this for what? Getting a U for a per session gig. Boo fucking hoo. I can rattle off 10 teachers in 10 seconds who have had it much worse. This behavior not worth losing one's job, life, or liberty.

Mr Shlimazel needs to high tail it to New York Hospital in White Plains. There is a psych ER there and are affiliated with GHI/Emblem.


Anonymous said...

You cannot save someone who has a deathwish. This man has some severely, deep seated problems. Sounds like he is possessed by the devil. Best advice at this time would be to Stay away!

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that this man is admittedly gay. Why so much anger towards LBGT community? Could it be self loathing? Only an immature man child or mentally ill person would behave this way. Has he been evaluated? To those who seem to defend him with their blind loyalty, let me ask you this: Would you allow him to watch your child while you run some errands?

Anonymous said...

Pete, you did attack him for an anonymous comment that he didn't leave. I left it. Not to disparage you in any way, just to get you to look at things more, pun intended, objectively. I think you are very intelligent and a good writer, but you've become obsessed - anything that anyone writes, that you preceive as remotely critical, is automatically from Portelos or his minions. Lucyo likes you, but you like him (Porty). There was an old song like that in the 80s. I think you owe him an apology and I'm sorry that my comment caused you to accuse him.

Pete Zucker said...

Who are you? You could be Lucio having a lucid moment.

As far as my obsession, I call them as I see them. Porty does dumb ass stuff I report.

Anonymous said...

Lucio = overgrown child w inferiority complex and a severely unhealthy need for attention and love. Will someone please love this crazed lunatic???

Anonymous said...

Peter, you do need to come out of the closet. I've known you for years. Let's be honest, you are a teacher who created a "gofundme" page and got food stamps, like that's low

Pete Zucker said...

^^^^Hmmmm I wonder who this can be??

“Trapped in the Closet” one of the great South Park Episodes of all time. Stan is seen as reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard and we learn that Scientologists are meshuga.

But Ray Davies isn’t. He wrote this for you.

Self-destroyer, wreck your health
Destroy friends, destroy yourself
The time device of, self-destruction
Lies, confusion, start eruption

Anonymous said...

if your wife scared, by the fact, that people will know that you're gay. You are not manly

Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think Porty and Lucio are lovers... not Peter. They are the ones in the closet.

Anonymous said...

Just leave Porty and Lucio in the closet and forget about it..... your the sane one!!!

Anonymous said...

This blog is an embarrassment. Any adults here?

Anonymous said...

Peter is jeolous of Porty's and Lucyo's relationship....he wants a threesome with them

Anonymous said...

Pete wants Porty all to himself.