SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Thinking of Not Paying UFT Dues After Janus?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Thinking of Not Paying UFT Dues After Janus?

Janus is looming over our heads. How will the Supreme Court rule? If it rules against the unions, how narrow or broad will the decision be?

As many know, Governor Cuomo signed into law that effectively will take away free union lawyers to any member that does not join a public service union, in our case, the UFT...

The unions, for instance, will not have to provide free legal representation to these non-members in statutory or administrative proceedings.
The way I have have read this and from conversations is that if one decides not to pay their dues you will not have free representation for arbitration hearings or 3020-a hearings. Fine by me.

However, those that decide to go this route will still be entitled to all rights and protections in the current collective bargaining agreement. But from what I have heard, and my source is very good, that those rights and protections can only be taken away through collective bargaining.

I am still awaiting confirmation from others concerning losing rights, but I have no problem with it.

I know, the UFT has been unresponsive and is reactive, not proactive, to the needs and wants of the rank and file. But the only way to affect change, the only way to solve the problem is from within, not from without. I would rather have a dysfunctional union than no union at all.

Why should any dues paying member have to carry a non-dues paying teacher? I am not taking anyone's rights away from not paying dues. That is someone's right. It is also someone's right to suffer the consequences of their decision.

I will have no problem if the UFT in it's upcoming contract negotiations agrees to two sets of contracts. One, for the members paying dues, and another, for those that refuse to pay dues. Basically, one will get nothing and like it.

Salary schedule? Out the window. Negotiate your own salary. Health and pension benefits? Bupkus. Negotiate on your own. Lunch, preps, hours, you are on your own. Working conditions? Tough toenails.

If I am a member of a country club, I get full access to the golf course, pool, and dining. Why should I be playing my 18 holes and share the course with someone who is not a member of the club?

I have box seats at the Yankees, why should someone with bleacher tickets sit in my $350 seats?

I empathize and understand the anger at the UFT. But if there is nothing, it will be much worse. If you decided to go on your own, you will be much worse.

Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.


Anonymous said...

For indications of how bad things can get, one need look no further than the wildcat strikes in the red states.

Abigail Shure

Anonymous said...

I believe some of what you are thinking is incorrect: Teaches who opt out of paying dues will still get the same salary as those who pay dues. (They will not have to negotiate their own salary) Insurance will be the same weather you pay dues or not. Only change is that those who do not pay dues will not have "free" representation.

Anonymous said...

Hey man I’ve been paying dues for 26 years, those thousands of dollars paid for everything that was negotiated. The UFT will be selling away more rights, so I’m fine staying with the current contract for the rest of my employment. No way can the UFT be changed from within - the whole thing is run like a racket. You’d have a better chance at changing the Mob - just shoot the opposition. With Mulgrew and his Mob mentality, that’s exactly what he’d like to do with you and that silly MORE cheerleading team.

Anonymous said...

Such a creative post from Abigail shure who signs her name to it also!!! Duh we know about the strikes win the red states and how bad things bout suggesting some solutions instead of what the media already is telling us...Geez Louise

Anonymous said...


Criticizing a teacher is apparently all you have to offer.

Abigail Shure

CTEN Staff said...

“Why should any dues paying member have to carry a non-dues paying teacher? I am not taking anyone's rights away from not paying dues. That is someone's right. It is also someone's right to suffer the consequences of their decision.”

Bingo! If you want to belong to the union and be a part of the CB contract, fine. If you think you can do better on your own, you shouldn’t have to pay the union a nickel. No pay, no perks. That way we can put the silly free rider argument to rest. For this to become a reality, the unions will have to stop demanding to be the exclusive bargaining representative.

Pete Zucker said...

Larry don’t think for a minute I agree with you. As for me, any teacher that opts out of paying dues is a rat.

But be careful what you wish for. Your entire anti- union ALEC world might come crashing down

Prehistoric pedagogue said...

EFFECT change
Not AFFECT change
Let’s try to keep it literate as well as civil