SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Fear Emanating from Unity/UFT

Friday, January 28, 2022

Fear Emanating from Unity/UFT

Smell that? It's fear and it's emanating from 52 Broadway. The green cloud of fear is hovering over UFT headquarters. For first time in years there is a real chance of Unity losing control of the UFT as well as the rank and file. Unity might become irrelevant.

I got involved for the first time in the UFT elections in 2010 and been involved one way or the other in every election since. Something different is happening in 2022. 

The retirees are beyond pissed. What was once a reliable sure fire  vote for Unity now seems completely fractured. How can anyone that is being forced into Medicare (Dis)advantage vote against their interests? If Mulgrew and Unity have already thrown the retirees under the bus what would stop Mulgrew again? 

The trolls are also coming out. In the past, there wasn't any Unity trolling on Twitter. But as I mentioned on Sunday, this election cycle there is. Let's not forget others who are on the UFT payroll using their own UFT Twitter accounts to bash and scare the rank and file. 

In fact looking back at the Unity/UFT in 2019 there weren't any attacks against the opposition. Yet in 2022 as I shared last week there is an attack. One thing I noticed, there the comment section is turned off on that blog, I wonder why. But here it is that blog post again. Read the fear.

The scuttlebutt I am hearing, as well as being shared with The Crack Team, from the rank and file is different this year than in the past. This year there appears to be many more teachers fed up with the direction of the union. But along with that there is more knowledge and interest in the election.

And how can we forget this harbinger of what's to come? November's loss of control of the Delegate Assembly. Desperation and confusion combined. 

Reports are coming in to the SBSB newsroom of petitioners being harassed. Also, teachers who wish to pass out United for Change flyers being told they are not allowed.What does Unity fear?

Will UFC win? It'll be hard. It can be done. But even in losing, as one near octogenarian fanboi has explained...

"If Unity gets less than 60 percent of the vote, real damage will be done."

Fear is in the air. So is change. 

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Anonymous said...

I have been petitioning and handing out UFC flyers at my school. Nobody has stopped or harassed me for doing so. You are allowed to put any union related materials in teacher mailboxes. Teaches at my school hate Mulgrew and are beyond delighted to know that they will have the chance to vote him out in April. Vets and those in the know must spread the UFC word out to all teachers at their school. Only way to win is to get let others know and share your knowledge with them about UFC.