SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Unity/UFT Created Drama™

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Unity/UFT Created Drama™

 This is definitely a "can't help but looking while driving by a car accident moment." Unity/UFT has a blog. I hadn't known that, and I will welcome their blog to my blog roll. But we here at SBSB are disappointed, yet wonder why, the Unity/UFT blog has yet to enable the ability for one to leave comments. Would this not be a lively venue to debate the issues of the day? A place for Unity/UFT to have unfettered access into the minds of the rank and file?

The Crack Team has come across this most recent blog post of Unity/UFT entitled; "UNITY/UFT: Doing the Work Without the Drama!" Really? For real? Are you kidding? 

¡Uno momento por favor!

This blog post is so easy to take apart line by line, idea by idea. But let's just focuson two points being propagandized by Unity/UFT for now.

No drama? Let's just take a look at the first sentence of the blog post...

We have said it before and we will say it again – we sincerely believe in working together in UNITY. 

Where was this so called "working together" that the blog post espouses in switching retirees who were expecting Medicare when they were to retire over to the Medicare (Dis)advantage

There are tens of thousands of retirees right now that are scared shitless of what is about to happen. There are retirees with serious health issues that are extremely scared that the doctors and medical providers that will no longer be available to them. And don't forget their spouses as well.   They are being forced to blindly sign up for this abomination of a health plan, whilst those that control the union can only say, "Trust us."

What about those retirees who are fixed incomes? Living month to month by the seat of their pants, now must pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep their Medicare as they knew it? That they must choose between eating or dying. 

What of the retired teacher who dreamed of retiring to Wyoming? Think there will be doctors there that will be on NYC's Medicare (Dis)advantage? Doubtful, very doubtful.

There is no working together with retirees. There is only, "This is the plan. You can like it or lump it." That is not working together. That is not we teach our students. Why does Unity/UFT act in such a manner? Unity/UFT has created drama and perpetuated drama. 

Unity/UFT is taking it's most loyal voting bloc and who just happen to be the most vulnerable members and throwing them under the bus. Why would retirees wish to vote for Unity? 

Yet another contradictory and tone deaf statement from the blog...

No drama or theatre of the absurd. No spreading of misinformation. We speak to facts and facts only.

Really, Gracie? No theater of the absurd? No spreading of misinformation? Facts only? 

Then explain this Twitter troll:

I know, I know. The profile for the trolls says, "views are my own." But there is a pretty good idea who this person might be. This blog has been trolled by this person troll. So has another blog. But I enjoy his tweets and the comments. Keeps me and others laughing. 

Unity/UFT is projecting the drama they claim to hate.


Anonymous said...

UFT/UNITY needs a Forensic Audit!!

Anonymous said...

Unity is pulling all this shit because they are afraid of the upcoming election and they need to mass spread the propaganda machine. And that White Hat person is a toolbag for sure. E4E has no presence in United for Change. Please out who that White Hat person is. We need to know!

Anonymous said...

Unity is not worried about the election. They always believe they have the winning side.

But I am rooting for all of the caucuses to band together and cause some noise against Unity. They need to be taken down 10 notches..

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone have issues with masks? The mask has helped solve the flu pandemic as we hardly hear about the flu anymore because people are wearing masks and there simply are just less germs around due to people wearing masks and the masks controlling the spread of saliva or whatever comes out of mouths and nose or vice versa whatever goes in. So, in the future I may consider wearing my mask when I shop at the supermarket or drug pharmacy. If I attend a huge event where there are thousands of people spewing germs galore, I will be wearing my mask.

Pete Zucker said...

Once United for Change takes over first thing that should happen is a forensic audit.