SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: I'm With Dan Alicea, Live on 99.5 WBAI-FM on January 22

Friday, January 21, 2022

I'm With Dan Alicea, Live on 99.5 WBAI-FM on January 22

 It's finally happened! Tomorrow afternoon I will be appearing on Dan Alicea's radio program "Talk Out of School," on 99.5 WBAI-FM tomorrow afternoon, January 22 at 1 PM (Streaming here).

As per Dan Alicea on Facebook; 

Join us for conversations with NYC educators about what’s going on in the DOE!

Listen to tomorrow, Sat, 1/22 at 1 pm @WBAI 99 FM. Or listen online at

We will discuss the new video and audio podcast show “ Grading the Drama: DOE Unplugged” with its hosts, Matt & Abby.

** They will grade the DOE’s pandemic response and Michael Mulgrew’s job performance as of late! Don’t miss it. ***

Also, we begin a series that will dig into the life, myths & plight of our city’s ATR teachers with Kathleen McCormack Perez & Peter Zucker

Yeah, lots of myths and of course plight with us ATRs. The life of an ATR is not as glamorous as it appears. 

And for further listening I appeared as a guest on a podcast hosted by Lydia Howrilka, Johnny Hinesley, and Eric Severson. It can be heard right here


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone bring you on as a guest to representative teachers? You begin great with strongly going over all of the issues that teachers are facing. But then, you screw it up by letting your big impulsive mouth and brain say and do something totally stupid to get people annoyed with you. We are supposed to respect a teacher/person like you with your big stupid mouth?

John G said...

Why yes 10:15. Yes you are!

You're also not supposed to get in front of your keyboard and attack one of the very last educators in New York City who defends educators in New York City.

Come to think of it, you were super smart to post as anonymous here. With a toxic brew like what you have going on up there in that little head of yours, you'll probably be in trouble with the NYCDOE in no time. And when you do (as though no one will see how shameless you really are), you'll come running right to Peter for help(because, again, there is almost no one else left to run to anymore).

And he's smart. Peter has all of the IP addresses (he's real good at at that) so he'll know exactly who are you when and what you tried to do here. But you know what? He'll *still* help you out because that's Peter....

... sry because that's Peter you pathetic little troll.

Pete Zucker said...

Thank you John G.

As for the the person hiding behind anonymity, please explain exactly what you have taken umbrage with. I wish to grow and tailor myself for you pleasure. Feel free to email or call me.

Anonymous said...

You do speak the truth for teachers and know how bad it is and how denigrating the career has become, especially under Bloomberg. However, some of the commentary on your blog, in how you write about and describe women is extremely sexist and denigrating towards women. I am sure I haven’t been the first person who hasn’t liked your approaches discussing and describing women.

Pete Zucker said...

Wow, I am starting to think that 10:15 and 5:10 are the same person. Same person from Long Island. But went from the North Shore to the South Shore in one day,

So as I asked earlier, what have you taken umbrage with, and when and how have I denigrated women?

Melindamayroman said...

Hey anonymousE, Know what’s worse than your misuse of the word sexism? The fact that entire school buildings become better workplaces for students and staff with the big mouth. The only people that get annoyed are the ones that are anonymousE because they wish they had the balls to speak out and are part of the problem. Guess what, the big mouths are the eyes and ears of the superintendents that are able to make better admin staffing decisions that make for a better workplace. Know why it’s gotten so bad, because of teachers like you. (if you are a teacher) So, what would you call a teacher that doesn’t protect students by being an anonymousE complacent complainer? Don’t forget to hug the big mouth in your school building!