SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: What the Coalition Can Do Going Forward

Saturday, May 21, 2022

What the Coalition Can Do Going Forward

The amazing UFT election season is over. Unity got 66 percent of the vote. Will there be a coup at the top of Unity? It remains to be seen. What should happen next?

A former groupie (Oh well. There are many more groupies out there) told me just before the election that if Unity were to win  the Coalition must not only stay together but must--and I am paraphrasing here--act as a shadow union and respond to each and every move by Unity as well be a de facto "shadow government."

So what can, as well as should, the Coalition do as the loyal opposition? 

The First DA in September

Resolution to make all Delegate Assembly meetings open to the rank and file through online and/or through the phone. It is time for the all dues paying members to see how Unity controls the DA and clamps down on issues that do not toe the party line. 

Second, a resolution to make all voting at the DA to make voting secret. The technology is there. It's been used to for those voting by phone. Time for the same for in person voting. Get a few kids from Stuyvesant to create an app or add to the UFT app and let all vote their conscience. Update 5/22 It has come to my attention that the DA now has secret voting. My apologies for being incorrect.

Executive Board

Same goes with the executive board. It's time that all members can see and hear what is going on there. Plus, for those that wish to speak before board and unable to schlep to 52 Broadway phone and/or video must be codiciled within the UFT constitution.

A Long Campaign

The campaign for 2025 begins today. The Coalition did a great job with only very little time as a coalition. Yes, 2025 is three years away but it will be here before we know it. 

Stay on the Offensive

Fuck pissing of Unity and the UFT. Do it to them before they do it to you. Make everything public that the coalition is doing and thinking. Put them back on their heels.

Raise Money

This will be hard but there needs to be money in the coffers. A source of funds. Find a celebrity sugar daddy. Why...?

Because We Are About to Get Screwed

On the next contract. Yep, we are. We need to get the word out there how crappy it will be. The work that the Coalition put into the election will be needed to share with the rank and file how crappy the new contract will be. Flyers and Happy Hours will be needed.

Medicare (Dis)Advantage

Shackles are now off of Mulgrew. See above.

Don't Give Up

Be persistent. Be a thorn in the buttocks of Unity/UFT. Think steps ahead. Make Unity/UFT be reactive to the Coalition. 

 Yard Signs!!! 

I know I sound like a broken record... But while I am on the point let's visit some things I have said in the past:

Speak to one teacher ask them to speak to ten teachers. Give them enough leaflets, information, websites, emails, to share with their colleagues. United for Change must think of itself as Amway or Mary Kay.

I've said it before, and I will say it again. I have a friend who is in direct mail. Let's see what he can do for UFC. 

But don't go inside. The UFT represents nurses at (I forget how many) city hospitals. Don't go in the operating room but rather linger outside and follow some of the above ideas. And go to other non education places that the UFT represents. 

Unless we try we will never know if any of the above will work. 


Anonymous said...

Time to expose Mulgrew and Unity through a forensic investigation. UFT members and retirees are being ripped off by Unity deals and Unity patronage jobs. Expose the loyalty oath for what it is. The time is now.

ed notes online said...

I oppose a secret vote at DA. Chapters elect delegates and CL and have a right to know how they vote - though in reality they never really do know since raised hands are the way to vote. And sure let's open up the DA for all members who are just dying to hear Mulgrew talk for an hour. There are probably almost 4000 delegates. How many show?

Jay Werner said...

I think the point of "secret votes" at the DA is so Chapter Leaders and Delegates can vote the way in which they choose; rather than having to fear retribution from Unity folks- which is what currently happens.

Anonymous said...

You ideas are right on target. I agree there also NEEDS TO BE a forensic audit of Unity and Mulgrew specifically. It is the forensic auditor that finds the fraud!!

Michael Thomas said...

In the election, a relatively large number of members voted for an ad hoc coalition with no history and no guarantee that it will continue to exist. Some members were willing to vote for UFC candidates who--despite having impressive resumes--had no prior experience in dealing with the city or the state. These members voted against Unity rather than for UFC. However, the opposition will never prevail if it relies entirely on members voting against Unity.

The opposition can win the next election if: 1) UFC continues to exist, ideally as a nonprofit organization; 2) UFC successfully fights for fair representation within the UFT; and 3) UFC takes action to address concerns of members.

First, UFC should become a nonprofit organization. UFC would no longer be an abstract idea, but rather a concrete entity. Caucuses of the coalition would retain their identities while supporting the purposes of the nonprofit. UFC candidates would be able to demonstrate their abilities by serving as directors of the nonprofit.

Second, UFC must obtain fair representation within the UFT. UFC cannot argue that it will protect the rights of members when negotiating with the city if it cannot protect its rights within the UFT. If negotiations with Unity fail, UFC must take legal action.

Third, UFC cannot just talk about what it will do to address members’ concerns; it must take action now. UFC must convince members that it has the ability to further their interests.

Anonymous said...

When i see the acronym UFC i still think of Ultimate fighting champs

xtmarie said...

@May 25, 2022 - UFC for a Fighting Union :)