SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Possible Roadmap to Beat Unity (Or At Least to Hurt Their Vote Total)

Saturday, December 4, 2021

A Possible Roadmap to Beat Unity (Or At Least to Hurt Their Vote Total)

 The UFT elections are right around the corner. It will be hard to put a dent into Unity's vote total, let alone to win the entire thing. I do believe that if certain things are done, serious headway can be made. 

My dad was in advertising and marketing. He had a one man business in the basement of our house. I
learned a lot from him. I shared some of these ideas in 2016 but was shot down. I understand not everything is feasible, but the thinking has to be akin to throwing against the wall. Some things will stick, some won't. 

Too much of what I see on Facebook and Twitter is being done in a vacuum. Most teachers who are in the FB groups of the UFC are teachers that DO WANT CHANGE. We are just preaching to the choir. The base needs to be expanded. Memes are swell, but there is so much more that can and should be done. 

1. Yard Signs

Cheapest and easiest way to get the word out. This website offers 100 yard signs for $84. There is not much room on a yard sign and the message has to be clear and readable. But if yard signs are strategically placed throughout the boroughs and the suburbs teachers will be in informed of the upcoming election.

For example; a yard sign touting the United for Change at every exit ramp on the Major Deegan Expressway (I am going to use the Deegan as the example because I take it every day). Teachers in their cars will see these signs every day. They will be sitting at the red lights on the exit ramps every day. They will read the yard signs everyday. Whatever message is put on the yard sign will get ingrained. It will sink in. 

Same for the Dunkin Donuts on the southbound Deegan. Teachers stop there early to get their coffee. A couple of yard signs at the entrance or exit can be effective. 

This can be done on all major highways in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Each exit ramp with a yard sign. The same with any and all rest stops. If memory serves there is a Mobil Station on the Grand Central Parkway.  

2. Leafleting 

Leaflets need to be to the point and quick to read. There are too easily disposable. I once suggested giving a homeless person $10 and leaflet the cars that are parked with placards at each school. Better, leave leaflets in stores teachers frequent in around the neighborhood of a school. Or better, ask a shop owner if something can be put up in a window. 

3. Talk It Up to Anyone

Think where teachers spend time and money. Staples, education stores, bars. Go to these places and not just hand out leaflets, but talk to the teachers. Sell the teachers on what UFC has to sell. I did this back in 2016. I hit a couple of the bars in the Bronx where teachers congregate and talked up the elections, talked up why Mulgrew must be voted out. I did the same in front of Lakeshore Learning Store on Central Ave in Greenburgh. I don't know if all I did was effective, but contacts were made and got plenty of email addresses. But speaking to one teacher brings out the possibility of those teachers talking to another teacher and so on.

Last Sunday I was on line waiting for my booster shot at CVS and got talking to someone. Turns out he is a teacher at Bronx Science. What do you think I did?  

Set up a information stand in front of Madison Square Garden on 7th Ave before a game. Same with the Barclays Center or UBS Arena, or anywhere which draws large crowds. 

Have mixers, meet and greets in the suburbs on Weekends. A SBSB fanboi and myself have talked about having one in Ardsley.

Which leads me to...

4. Think of Getting Votes as Multi Level Marketing. 

Speak to one teacher ask them to speak to ten teachers. Give them enough leaflets, information, websites, emails, to share with their colleagues. United for Change must think of itself as Amway or Mary Kay.

5. Direct Mail

I've said it before, and I will say it again. I have a friend who is in direct mail. Let's see what he can do for UFC. 

6. Real Social Media Ads

Ad buys on Facebook and Google will be more effective than memes on a closed Facebook page. 

7. Go to Hospitals

But don't go inside. The UFT represents nurses at (I forget how many) city hospitals. Don't go in the operating room but rather linger outside and follow some of the above ideas. And go to other non education places that the UFT represents. 

8. Raise Money!!!!

For the life of me I do not understand why there is not a GoFundMe for UFC. Or have a car wash, a bake sale, or better a golf tournament; the United for Change Pro-Am.

9. The Message

Veteran teachers close to retirement shouldn't hear the same message as new teachers. Veteran teachers want to be assured about their pensions, and now, this debacle going on with Medicare (Dis)Advantage. New teachers are concerned about tenure, job security. Speak about what will be done in contrast to what is being done.

Keep everything to the bread and butter issues and what will keep food on the plates of teachers families. I am hearing from several sources that some are spending time just bashing Unity as a reason to vote them out. Sources are sharing that this has been turning members who want to hear the issues. 

That's it for now. I have several other ideas but can't share those ideas here. But isn't time to try a different way? The same old way hasn't worked in the past. Time to think outside the box.

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Distraught said...

Next door app is another effective medium for getting UFC flyer information out there.
Yes to the message. Retirees want to know that the new caucus has their health care interest in mind. Unity and Mulgrew do not.