SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Lydia Howrilka and UFT Solidarity File For Court Hearing

Friday, December 31, 2021

Lydia Howrilka and UFT Solidarity File For Court Hearing

The Grim Reaper
Yesterday, Lydia Howrilka took the bull by the proverbial goodies and decided to show Mike Mulgrew how to lead. She filed an Article 75 on her on time and dime. 

Read on from Lydia:

Yesterday, I filed an Article 78 proceeding in NYC Civil Court protesting the reopening of NYC schools without adequate testing, mitigation measures, and allowing for a pivot of instruction to remote for January 3 to January 18, 2022. I have submitted the legal documents- a petition, a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), an affidavit, an Order to Show Cause (OSC), and a Request for Judicial Intervention (RJI)- and I am waiting for a judge to be assigned to our case. Many folks have been reaching out and want to know how they can help. A collective letter that we can send to the court with as many signatures as possible would be the best next step for members who want to support. Please click here and complete this form to e-sign the letter. Important note- No teacher has been disciplined for signing a petition or letter when they are not on contracted time. It is not illegal to sign a letter or petition either. Your signature will only be seen by Lydia, the judge, and the City’s Corporation Counsel.


So sign up and sign on. Stay tuned for updates!


Anonymous said...

Go Lydia, bring down Mulgrew. Not only a list but a thief. Using dues money to pay his lackeys.

Anonymous said...

PS That should say Mulgrew is a liar and a thief. Uses our dues money to pay his lackeys. Takes from members and retirees. Sorry folks, that was a spell check error.

Anonymous said...

That's a serious charge. Thief? Paying lackeys? What r u talking about?

Unknown said...

You pay union dues to animals that don't have your best interest they say you get your vision in the plan so it won't look to bad unios are just assholes undercover working against you

Anonymous said...

Lydia is a great warrior for public schools but this is a huge waste of time.. no one cares, they are going to ignore it and get to it when they get to reading months after the fact. Plus the courts are closed on December 31 and judges tend to do very minimal work around Christmas time.