SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The Possible Upcoming UFT Election Surprise

Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Possible Upcoming UFT Election Surprise

 I think there is going to be a big surprise just before the UFT elections. Call me jaded, call me a cynic, but the UFT never does anything without a reason. 

Think about this. We lost our spring vacation almost two years ago. April 2020. Twenty months ago. At the October 2020 town hall Mulgrew said...

When arbitration is back up, we will move forward on Spring Break. Medical accommodations are based on a medical condition. We would have to do another one in Jan. Same documentation and everything.

The September 2020 town hall Mulgrew sayeth to the masses...

Dealing with the craziness that included Spring break which still needs to be dealt with.

I asked this almost a year ago on December 27, 2020...

For the answer President Mulgrew gave at the town hall of October 15, again, it seems that arbitration is now back up. Where in the pipeline is our monies? How long does the process take?  

We were told not too long ago that the final arbitration on our spring break pay will come this month, December 2021. 

But a question remains. If the arbitration is a victory, when will we get the money? 

The Crack Team has been trying to crack this mystery. There were many a late night session in which there was bickering and disagreement. Many a late night were had. Finally, a member of The Crack Team decided to go the computer. The algorithm was fed and the results were spat out.

Some might say The Crack Team's computer and/or the algorithm is skewed. Or, the information fed to the computer was jaded and cynical.

We will get the monies owed in our direct deposits week or two before the UFT election. And of course who gets to call the date for the election? Of course. UFT/Unity.

The computer must be right. Think about it. Why wouldn't it be?

Thousands of teachers get thousands of dollars they are owed for almost two years. Guess who will puff out his chest and say, "See what I did? I fought for you! I made you whole again!" 

And UFT/Unity will be like Justin Trudeau and call for early elections in just a few weeks. Or, and this is even more cynical, the election date will be already called and the checks will be mailed out just before the election starts. But either way, teachers will vote while having several thousand dollars more in their accounts and the great many of unwashed will thank UFT/Unity. And then vote Unity.  

But when these teachers vote for those that blessed them with money, what will they say when they want to see Dr Vinnie Boombotz for a prostate issue and find out he doesn't accept any Medicare (Dis)Advantage  patients?

I hope the computer is wrong. We shouldn't need to feel jaded and cynical when it comes to our union. We should feel we are partners with our union. We shouldn't have waited almost two years for A HEARING for our monies. 

But watch. The spring break money and the election will be intertwined.


Anonymous said...

Let's pretend the UFT "wins" us our spring break money. That is nice and all but we deserved that money plain and simple. A chimp could have fought this in arbitration and "won" our money back. The point is that even if we get our spring break money soon, the vast majority of teachers that I know HATE Mulgrew and are still going to vote against him the upcoming election. Also, retirees don't give a crap about spring break money. They hate Mulgrew even more than the rank and file. They are planning on voting his ass out in large numbers. Lastly, I do not think the UFT top dudes are allowed to change the date of the election. If they try to pull that shit it will be a huuuuge mess.

Anonymous said...

Here's the scenario in my dreams....RW finds a job for MM far, far away before the retirees throw him in the harbor...

Anonymous said...

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