SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Philip Joseph Oliveri Esq.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Philip Joseph Oliveri Esq.

Philip Oliveri, and mind you, that is "Philip" with one L is one of the DOE's lawyers that prosecutes teachers in 3020a hearings. I happened to catch Little Philip in action during a 3020a hearing yesterday of David Pakter. For those who don't know, I will explain in a later post, David Pakter has been brought up on charges that he bought plants for the school, and wanted to give watches to students who had a 90 or above average. You can read more at NYC Rubber Room Reporter.

It was almost surreal watching Philip in action yesterday. What was most surprising is how young Little Philip is. When the crack team here at SBSB looked into his background it was even more appalling.

Little Philip, 29 years old, has been practicing law for only three years. Maybe not even that long. He was admitted to the New York State Bar in 2006. Originally he was hired by the Bronx District Attorney's office in 2004 right out of Syracuse Law. But why is he not in the Bronx DA's office anymore? Was it that he couldn't cut it?

It appears that this child of privilege, this child of Greenwich, CT likes to go after the little people. Perhaps never having once in his life having to attain something for himself he feels that to make him feel like a big man he must be a prosecutor. To screw over people's lives as he is David Pakter.

But hold on just a moment. Why would this well to do scion of Greenwich, CT choose to work for a pittance the DOE surely would pay him? Little Philip is employed by the international law firm of Stuart Hodge. Or can Little Philip afford to have such a low salary because he knows that Daddy will always be there for him and his bills?

I think he is in the same position as his Sith Lord Mentor Marvin Pope. Marvin, like Little Philip according to the New York State Unified Court System records does not appear to be employed by the DOE. Sith Lord Marvin Pope is a self employed attorney.

Wouldn't it be cheaper to have in house counsel working these cases for the DOE? How much is the DOE paying Little Philip and Sith Lord Marvin Pope? Have these two ever been sanctioned by the bar? I doubt Little Philip has, he hasn't been practicing law long enough and if there were a case I am sure Daddy will call in some chits. But Sith Lord Marvin Pope surely has practiced long enough to earn the moniker, "Scheister," or "Gonoff."

What qualifies Little Philip to prosecute teachers? What qualifies Little Philip to practice law?


Chaz said...

The DOE's 3020-a lawyers don't last very long prosecuting teachers. It is very hard to win when the evidence against the teacher is embellished, twisted, and perverted by the DOE administrators. The result is the DOE lawyer is reduced to character assassination and the Arbitrators roll their eyes,

Eventually, the DOE lawyers either quit or are fired. It is a sleazy job that does not allow for long-term employment.

Pete Zucker said...

So there basically is no difference between Little Philip and a prostitute?

ed notes online said...

I was there on Thursday and saw Little Philip in action. The DOE dumped the previous lawyer. Phil did not have an easy time. I'll post on it at ed notes soon.

Pete Zucker said...

Stay tuned to my post tonight. I came up with the greatest idea whilst at the Yankee game today.

Anonymous said...

I've known Phil since college and came across this post when google-searching him in an attempt to find a current email address. I can only imagine that he's a phenomenal lawyer, and good for him. I hope the people he's prosecuting have good representation -- my guess is they'll need it. He's talented and smart, and he'll do his job well.

Anonymous said...

The court records on the "Attorney Search" portion of the website are frequently not up-to-date.

Marvin Pope is definitely a DOE staff attorney with the Office of Legal Services.

I'm not sure whether Philip Oliveri is, though.

Anonymous said...

Let's all relax here:

Just because 'Porno Phil" has a few issues does not mean he is an awful guy. Just because he does not know that he is supposed to prevent or recognize witness perjury doesn't mean he is an unethical little attorney. Just because he is working for the DOE chasing after teachers who buy plants for their school doesn't mean he can't cut it at a real or meaningful job. Just because he doesn't realize his bosses have dumped a loser case on him doesn't mean he's a dim bulb.

Let's cut him some slack. After all, he may be smart enough to gain a bit of credibility in the case by telling the arbitrator to strike his own witness' testimony because it might have been 'erroneous' and thus mitigate that witness'(and his own) civil jeopardy.
Of course, a telling characteristic of the DOE crack legal staff is that they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity so I'm guessing "Porno Phil" is not smart enough for that.

Will anyone shake his hand when the case is over and David returns to class? Yuck!! I'm betting not.