SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Who Is Wendy DelValle?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who Is Wendy DelValle?

In the latest of Mayor Bloomberg's propaganda commericals that are infiltrated with Kool-Aid drinkers, one teacher mindlessly reads of the cue card, "New York City public school system is better under Mike Bloomberg." That teacher is Wendy DelValle of Brooklyn High School for the Arts. By the way if you ask me, the descendents of Third Reich propaganda chief, Josef Goebbels are probaby producing such said commercials.

Looke here:

Anywhoo, who is Wendy DelValle? She does not show up in the New York State Education search for Cerificate Holders. How can that be? Is she a teacher there? Suppsoedly Ms DelValle is a biology teacher at BHSA, yet the clasasroom she is in is clearly not a science or even a biology clasroom.

But BHSA must be a great high school you say to yourself because a Mayor Bloomberg would only allow those from top schools to spew forth propaganda for him. I think Mayor Bllomber's propaganda people might have messed up.

Brooklyn High School for the Arts seems some what lacking
. In the last year reporting, 2008-2009 only six percent of students scored above 85% on the "Living Environment" on the Regents Exam. In fact on the Regents Compentency exam, only 19% of students passed the exam. Sorry, this is not impressive.

But looking at hte school's report card for the last year avaialble, 2008-2009 the school need not meet its AYP in ELA among African-American students, and economically disadvantaged students? Is this not a school that Mayor Bloomberg is highlighting by the aquiesencing of Ms DelValle? In fact only 54% of students are at levels 3-4. This is unacceptable for a high school. Students leave high school and go inot the real world. How does this high school get students ready for such a world when 54% are at 3's and 4's?


FidgetyTeach said...

I was wondering the same thing. Who is WeDndy DelValle?

Chaz said...

Wendy DelValle is listed as a teacher making $75,092 yearly. You can find that information in my blog where it says "your Principal's salary".

NYC Educator said...

This commercial is very superficial, and does not say anything beyond schools are better, and that kids deserve a good education. If New Yorkers choose not to look any deeper than that, it's hard to imagine any challenge to Bloomberg taken seriously.