SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Open Letter To "Anonymous" Defender of Little Philip Oliveri

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Open Letter To "Anonymous" Defender of Little Philip Oliveri

Earlier this morning someone with too much time on their hands, and someone that believes chivalry is still alive in this world came to the defense of Little Philip Oliveri. How Oedipal. Anyhoo, this person seems to have forgotten that one should not speak before one has the facts. So I shall retort by breaking down said human beings post whilst giving a lesson on when to be seen and not heard.

"I am astonished by the extent that you will go to smear a good man's name."

Shouldn't you be more astonished, appalled at how the DOE under Klein/Bloomberg have systematically attacked teachers, particularly teachers over forty years old, teachers that have been teaching for over fifteen years. The waste of money making teachers sit in the Rubber Room? Yes, there are teachers that belong there, that are a danger to children. But to put a teacher there because of trumped up charges, because the principal feels threatened by a teacher's knowledge is that not more appalling? I know teachers who have been sent to the Rubber Room for having a Coca Cola in their hand, teachers that have gotten U ratings after 25 years of exemplary service. Administrators that have lied, have perjured themselves does not bother you? Little Philip Oliveri is an enabler of these administrators. Why does that not astonish you?

"You even resort to surfing the Internet for old postings to use against him."

Do you have proof that I surfed the Internet? If you do proof it, if not retract this statement. As far as old postings, what would Little Philip do if he found a similar "old" posting about a teacher that he was prosecuting? What's that you say? Yes, of course he would use it faster than you can say Joel Klein eats worms. But don't you find if somewhat unprofessional that an assistant district attorney would write such vile, misogynistic, lurid things. Show such disregard to a human beings plight as Little Philip did on that Friendster page? For years you read how that if you are in a high profile position, or looking for a job, to keep what you write about yourself on social network sites clean and safe. Obviously Little Philip failed to heed such advice, perhaps out of some sense of entitlement.

"If you question Mr. Oliveri's legal prowess, then watch him in action."

I did. It was a circus act. He allowed perjured testimony and was not aware of how the following witness would testify. Also, he needed Sith Lord Marvin Pope to hold his hand. I can go upstate right now find a cow pasture and get a better lawyer than Little Philip.

"In doing so, everyone soon realizes what an intelligent, quick-witted and resourceful man he is."

Wrong, everyone is realizing what a tool he is.

"The DOE is lucky to have him."

I hope the DOE keeps him. Let him keep on prosecuting teachers. After what was witnessed last week every teacher will be exonerated with Little Philip on the case.


Anonymous said...

This is too precious for words and is, in the right hands, a home run for David. And a complete embarrassment for DOE. I mean complete. Especially if the arbitrator is who I think it is.

Blow it up poster sized and ask the very next witness upon cross if they are familiar with it. Just to get it out there no matter how irrelevant it might seem. DOE is playing hardball on this BS case let's see how much they like hardball.



"Chancellor" Joel Klein, Esq. -

An Obscene Blight on the Face of American Education

All 700 (seven hundred) plus teachers who have been exiled during "Chancellor" Klein's reign, to the infamous system of NYC DOE detention centers/gulags, known as "Rubber Rooms" are familiar with the Klein agenda.

These generally drab, colorless, often windowless rooms, are where teachers end up if they are perceived by those who run the New York City Dept of Education, to be Whistle-blowers or individuals who question, even slightly, the "wisdom" of the often totally arbitrary and capricious directives given them by their so-called "Supervisors".

That is to say, people who never read the United States Constitution or The Bill of Rights, never heard of the concepts of "due process" and/or "innocent until proven guilty" and in general actually seem to take some form of sadistic pleasure in intimidating and bullying people, who are not in a position to defend themselves.

Putting this thought to paper has been costly for me. I exercised my right to free speech only to later spend almost four years in Mr. Klein's Rubber Room gulags, the brutal result a teacher must expect for expressing an opinion under the autocratic reign of former Federal
Prosecutor, "Chancellor" Joel Klein, Esq.

When one considers that one of the original "charges" against me, in my current NY State 3020a Teacher Trial was the "charge" that facts about the stunningly vicious Whistle-blower retaliation perpetrated against me, were reported in a newspaper titled "The New York Teacher", this says it all.

Although Klein later retracted the charge that articles about my Whistle-blowing had embarrassed the NYC Schools Sytem, you know that both our School System and The Bill of Rights are in serious trouble when expressing opinions and publishing facts can get a Tenured Teacher fired.

A majority of those teachers who are now consigned to Chancellor Klein's gulags, where one sits with Uniformed Guards, all day long, waiting to learn what type of preposterous allegation/s they are facing ended up in the Rubber Room Gulags either because of their age or the fact that they expressed their opinions or both.

A resident of Mr. Klein's century old nondescript Co-0p building at 565 Park Ave. once told The New York Times the building "smells like old money".

Certainly Chancellor Joel Klein's ideas are old. .He seems to inhabit a world pre 1789 in which the United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights do not yet exist- at least for New York's one hundred thousand teachers.

Of course he could arrange to have me exiled to one of his Rubber Room gulags- one without any readily available fresh drinking water or windows, and two Uniformed Security Guards present at all times.

But then again, I am already there.

Did someone say the NYC Dept. of Education likes to play Hardball?

They don't know what real Hardball can be like.

In initiating their War of Attrition against New York City's dedicated Teachers, Klein and his legions of lackeys, stooges, hack attorneys and pigs at the trough:

"Sowed the Wind- But a day will come when they will reap the Whirlwind".







Brooklyn Bridge Train Station

Request Hearing Room of the Hon. Douglas J. Bantle, Esq.

This is an Historic Rubber Room Trial because it impacts on ALL NYC Teachers. Please Attend.

Anonymous said...

The Little Philip Oliveri story reminds me of the J. Kevin Mulroy story.

J. Kevin Mulroy was a judge of the County Court of Onondaga County.

He was brought up on charges by the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct in the 1990s.

One of the charges involved a remark he made to Stephen J. Dougherty from the District Attorney's Office (the prosecutor in a murder case that was about to come before him) when he met Mr. Dougherty at a country club dinner.

According to the NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct, Judge Mulroy told Mr. Dougherty that "he should not worry because no one cared what happened, since the victim was just 'some old nigger bitch.' "

Within its decision, removing Judge Mulroy from the bench, the Commission stated:

"Respondent’s comments to the prosecutor that he need not be concerned that he would be 'giving away' the murder cases because no one cared, since the victim was only 'some old nigger bitch,' devalued the life of the victim in a most unprofessional, disturbing and inappropriate way. The use of such a hateful racial epithet should have, as the referee aptly noted, no place in a judge’s lexicon (see, Matter of Agresta, 64 NY2d 327; see similarly, Matter of Bloodgood, 1982 Ann Report of NY Commn on Jud Conduct, at 69), even off the bench and apart from judicial business (see, Matter of Kuehnel, 49 NY2d 465, 468)."

One member of the Commission, joined by another member, wrote a separate opinion, and stated:

"In my view, a single statement, particularly one made outside the courthouse, should not generally warrant termination of a judicial career. Judges, like others, sometimes say things that they did not intend, that upon reflection they would not say or that out of context sound very different from the way they were intended. However, respondent’s use of the epithet 'some old nigger bitch,' made in a plea discussion with the prosecutor (even outside the courthouse), is so ugly, raw and insensitive and so beyond the limits of acceptable conversation, that that single statement alone requires that he no longer sit as a judge."


(to be continued)

Anonymous said...

(the continuation)

Judge Mulroy appealed his removal from the bench to the Court of Appeals.

The Court of Appeals upheld the removal, stating, in part:

"While attending a charity event, petitioner initiated a conversation with a prosecutor concerning a pending, four-defendant murder case. During that conversation, he urged the prosecutor to 'be reasonable' in offering pleas to two of the defendants, and that he should not worry about 'giving away' the case because no one cared, since the 67-year-old murder victim was 'just some old nigger bitch.' These words, as well as the context in which they were uttered, are indefensible. Petitioner's racially-charged assessment of the case not only devalued the victim's life but also cast doubt on the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary and, by itself, puts into question petitioner's fitness to hold judicial office (Matter of Assini, 94 NY2d 26, 29-30).

Although petitioner admits the impropriety of his remarks, he asserts that they were private, isolated statements that were not intended to influence a disposition. He claims that the prosecutor was frustrated because another Judge had suppressed the confession of one of the defendants, and that he was concerned about having to offer a plea to a co-defendant in exchange for his cooperation. In an apparent attempt to alleviate the prosecutor's concerns, petitioner asked him whether, in offering a plea, the District Attorney's Office might be perceived as not caring about the victim. The Referee, however, having had the opportunity to assess petitioner's responses firsthand, rejected his rationalized version of the remarks and we, like the Commission, uphold that determination. (see also, Matter of Schiff, 83 NY2d 689, 692-693; Matter of Esworthy, 77 NY2d 280, 282; Matter of Agresta, 64 NY2d 327, 330; Matter of Kuehnel v State Commn. on Judicial Conduct, 49 NY2d 465, 468-469)."


Anonymous said...

As a suggestion

Clip the above, staple it to the printouts of Philip's website as already reproduced here and present it to your NYSUT attorney. He might want to use it. It is a nice rebuttal if Phil himself claims his other 'interests' and typewritten comments are irrelevent to the issue at hand.

I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.

Someone (Anonymous 9:20 PM) is helping you out





Each night I celebrate that I am one day closer to the day a certain former Federal Prosecutor who has been posing as an Education "expert", will be forced to appear in a Federal Court in Manhattan to answer for his gross misdeeds over 8 (eight) long years.

I have it on reliable advice from a source that spoke on condition of anonymity, that if this very sad specimen of humanity refuses to appear on the day the Federal Judge stipulates, I will have the option of requesting that Federal Marshalls bring his sorry carcass to the Federal Court in handcuffs.

As this posting is shorter than what people are accustomed to associating with my comments, allow me to take this opportunity to share some words in the English language that come to mind when one reflects on the ethically challenged, Education credentials challenged and hair follicles challenged individual who seems to relish in posing as a schools "Chancellor":

To Wit:


Others are welcome to add any other nouns and/or adjectives that spring to mind as the inclination suits them.

David Pakter - State 3020a Trial
49 Chambers Street 6th Floor 10 AM
August 5, Wed, and August 6, Thurs.
Manhattan, opposite TWEED COURTHOUSE

Chaz said...

I heard that the Arbitrator was asked to leave the panel by the DOE once David Pakter's hearing is over.