SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan Stone Is 99% Road Apples

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Evan Stone Is 99% Road Apples

Did you know that Little Evan Stone of Educators 4 Excellence is amongst the 99%? Yes, that is a fact. We here at SBSB couldn't believe it ourselves when we were sent the link to Little Evan's Google+ page last week. The photo was very grainy and since the crack team and myself believe in objective bloggerism, we had to wait for all the facts to come in before we decided to have a go. Wait, that is not the truth. The truth is we it took us about a minute to confirm that Little Evan's profile photo on Google+ was truly him at Zuccotti Park, and about a week of laughing our asses off, and the cleaning of the subsequent mess we made, to share with the loyal readers this joke.

Since Little Evan in all probability will delete the photo of him supporting OWS, we feel that screen shots will best explain. Here is Little Evan at OWS (click to enlarge);

Now just in case there is any doubt observe the buildings behind both of Little Evan's shoulders. We would like to thank the programmers of Google Street View for their cooperation. The crack team has ascertained that Evan is standing on Liberty St towards the corner with Trinity Pl. (again, click to enlarge);

Why share this? The first thing that was discussed was not the hypocrisy of Little Evan ingratiating himself with those at OWS, but rather what the photo in his profile is telling everyone.

This is just another case of Little Evan Stone having to be the center of attention. Little Evan could have posted a generic photo of OWS, but noooooooooooooo. It had to be a photo of him, a photo of him "being down" with those at Zuccotti Park. Keep in mind this is a young man that has lived life through a silver prism. A young man that attended one of the most elite (we will not give away personal information here) high schools in Pasadena CA.

A high school that is so elite, it sucks in children that refuse to attend the public schools of Pasadena for there are one too many children of color in the Pasadena school district and that is predominantly white.

A  high school that is so elite, the average class size in the upper, or high school is 17 students. In fact, why isn't E4E sharing with us lower class people a white paper on class size?

A high school that is so elite its primary purpose at one time was to funnel students into Cal Tech.

A high school that is so elite that the tuition is $24K a year.

Little Evan has lived an elitist life. From his day's of dressing for the evening meal, to commanding his wet nurse, to his days at Yale in which he played an elitist sport, soccer. Yes, soccer, as personified by the white, rich elites is an easy and elitist sport to play. Why not baseball? Probably to afraid to get hit by a rising fastball coming at him at 90 MPH. Football? Too many people of color for sure.

For Little Evan to think that he has anything in common with those at Zuccotti Park or those in the Occupy movement is pathetic. The only thing he has in common is that they and he both need to realize that he is the enemy, the 1%, part of the problem. But Little Evan will never realize that as long as he wishes to be the attention whore, the "me too" person that he is.

Little Evan is nothing more than a $3 bill. Both lack values. Both are not real.


Anonymous said...

Any chance a good number of the occupiers are complete phonies and not just Evan. Something tells me it is just a mix of phonies and the homeless.

Pete Zucker said...

If I wished to comment on the other occupiers I would have. I chose Evan.