SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Teachers Of Los Angeles It's Time To Party With Educators 4 Excellence!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Teachers Of Los Angeles It's Time To Party With Educators 4 Excellence!!!

Hello teachers of Los Angeles! Do you ever get tired from the same old boring Friday nights? Are you looking for something to do other than attend another boring Clippers or Kings game? Well, look no more. We here at SBSB have a most exciting suggestion for a Friday night in the history of mankind.

As many of you out there in the City of Angels are aware, or not aware, a new Aryan youth group, Educators4Excellence has pitched a tent within your fair city. Seems that E4E has failed here in New York and like the Corleone family has been run off in the attempt to influence, and certainly degrade, education at the LAUSD. What does this have to do with you?

Well, at the behest of E4E, and its co-founders and co-executive directors Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris in conjunction with their newly recruited de facto Los Angeles leader, Ama Nyamekye (who comes to LA by way of NYC) the crack team wishes to invite you to E4E welcome kegger on Friday, January 20, 2012 at the United Way of Greater Los Angeles. Actually it is a dinner, with guest speaker your leader, Superintendent John Deasy. Rumor has it that preppy casual is the dress code.

How you may ask does one get their name on the exclusive guest list? Simple. Go to this link and sign up. If you have any issues with giving you name, be sure to check the official SBSB list of pseudonym's that one can sign up with. Once you are signed up to E4E, and of course sign the loyalty oath, not only will you be able to sign up for this gala event, but will be able to view all upcoming E4E events.

But not to worry. E4E is so full of themselves and their righteousness they will not even notice that there are moles at the event. Best of all the food and alcohol will be flowing and you will be able to drink and eat on E4E's dime. In fact, a little birdie has shared with the crack team that there is a strong possibility of a mic night! Oooh.

So sign up early and often and have fun.

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