SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Teachers Of Los Angeles, Introducing Education4Excellence's Princess Sydney Morris

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teachers Of Los Angeles, Introducing Education4Excellence's Princess Sydney Morris

Hello teachers and educators of Los Angeles. This past Saturday, December 3, Little Evan Stone, co-founder and co-chief executive officer was profiled in these pages. Tonight in the promise to share all we know here at SBSB about Educators4Excellence with our Los Angeles brethren we would like to introduce the Left Coast to the other brain behind E4E, the other co-founder, the other co- chief executive officer, Princess Sydney Morris. Of course any teacher can go to the E4E bio of Princess Sydney and read her bio, but we here at SBSB believe that one should at the very least not embellish their accomplishments and stay away from cliches.

The first embellishment of Sydney's bio lies in the first ten words; A native New Yorker and a product of New York public schools, 

Yes, Princess Sydney is a native New Yorker and was a product of New York public schools. The crack team will give her the benefit of the doubt that she is not fibbing in claiming she is from New York. Of course we know being a New Yorker can mean from New York State. What we do take issue with is claiming to be a product of the "New York public schools." This is implying that Princess Sydney came through the rough and tumble world of the New York City Public Schools when nothing could be further from the truth. If one went to Yonkers Public School would one claim that they are a product of the Yonkers schools or the New York schools?

No, Princess Sydney is a product of one of the whitest, richest school districts in Westchester County, New York. Princess Sydney wishes for all to see that she is, "down," when in reality she is not. This Los Angeles teachers is something, the lies, the twisting of the words, that you must face when dealing with E4E.

The bio goes on to share; Sydney joined Teach For America as a teacher in the Bronx, NY where she taught second and third grade at PS 86. 

Yes, Princess Sydney was a teacher at PS 86 in the Bronx. But what kind of teacher?  Hmmm, let's read about it. Here is a little more truth about what Princess Sydney wants and how her and Little Evan Stone operate.

But, enough of this. Princess Sydney decided to become a teacher because; "I knew my students would teach me more than I ever thought possible."

Wow! Reaching into the teacher book of cliches. So mommy and daddy spent all this money for you at Tulane and all you thought about was that your students would teach you things? We here would have accepted to not be drafted and go to Vietnam as not only acceptable, but truthful as well. But, I recall a professor of mine in college sharing with me that many become teachers because they felt they were not educated correctly. Of course that answer would have been acceptable. 

Princess Sydney's favorite thing about E4E (of course it all returns to E4E); having the opportunity to talk to the thoughtful, passionate, dedicated teachers that are part of this work and hear their insightful ideas about how to improve our schools.

Yes, the passionate, thoughtful, dedicated teachers that are under 28 years of age and clueless.Of course a loyalty oath anointing Princess Sydney and Little Evan Stone as your lords and overseers, but what's the biggie?

One of Sydney's most memorable students; .....was already a teacher the day I watched her helping the other kids at her table master 2-digit multiplication.

So she is a teacher already? Maybe she just has a big heart? Maybe she likes to help. Another cliche. Jeez!

These inauthentic bios in which accompany Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney are truly written to show them in the best artificial light imaginable. There is no real there. There is no there in their reality. Only these politically correct responses.

But, this is what is awaiting you in Los Angeles. Be sure to sign up and keep track of E4E. E4E failed in New York City, they must fail in Los Angeles.

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