SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Venting In A Dramatic Monologue Sort Of Way

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Venting In A Dramatic Monologue Sort Of Way

I am getting sick and tired of teacher bashing. I am sick and tired of blaming the teachers. I am sick and tired of the deformers.

Imagine what it is like to come to work every day and be hit by the equivalent of a 2X4 in the face every day. Imagine what it must be like to come to work when the night before your spouse left you, your child said they hate you, your parent is dying. A teacher has no choice but to shove it all away the minute 8 30 comes and turn that frown upside down in some demented smile while knowing that they are not allowed to be human.

I am getting fed up with hearing that every student deserves a great teacher when it is statistically impossible to have every teacher great. What is wrong with pretty darn fu**ing good?

Want to keep blaming teachers? Guess what ed deformers? Teachers do not choose the boneheaded, incoherent curriculum that has been heaped upon the children of New York City. It is the higher ups in the CSD's, Tweed, the dudes at McGraw Hill with the envelopes of Knicks tickets, cash, and prizes.

Hey, what about those kids who like at MS 203 in the Bronx that do not do anything in class? Why aren't these students reprimanded? Why aren't the parents called and told that it is about fu**king time they start acting like parents and ensure it themselves that their children get educated?

Let's not forget the 20 something and 30 something useless Leadership Academy principals who have never been in education. And this doesn't mean the,"Oh look at me, I got my administrative license after 5 years and am now an AP because my mother's best friend hired me" wastes. These types have nothing better to do than to harass any teacher that is over 35, shows independent thought, and is past step 8b on the salary scale. As one SBSB groupie shared with me, "if a teacher is being harassed and therefore so concerned with this harassment, does this not take away from his or hers ability to properly teach?" Think about it.

Hey, here is a good one. Why are there so many failing schools? It's because those schools are set up to fail. Yeah, the dirty little secret of Tweed is, "Fu** The Students," because what is more important is all the hedge funders, charter systems, and the $$$$ that can be used to complete the makeover of education into a has and will never have system.

The PEP members, that is of course except ((((HAWT)))) Manhattan rep Patrick Sullivan and his borough crew (think about it, Patrick Sullivan is like Fonzie) don't give one rat's ass about the students, the families, the schools, the teachers, and education in this city. How dare they sit there looking down on the people of NYC? How dare they accept whatever favors they receive from Uncle Mike. Just wish to know how do these people sleep at night.

Testing is now going to be a total of 4 hours? This is maddening. How can we expect a 9 year old to have that kind of attention span? How can we expect a 9 year old to love to learn, to love to come to school? To not come down with serious anxiety problems?

What other professional job will allow someone with only 50 hours of training be allowed to have the responsibility of so much in their hands? Will anyone hire a doctor, lawyer, rabbi, or priest with similar training?

I am sick of every ATR I have seen being over the age of 40 and having to worry day in and day our about whether or not this will be their last day earning a paycheck.

The time for teachers to rise is now. The time for the families and the students to rise is now. Our schools, our lives, the educational process must be removed from those that are involved and planning in the destruction of American education. It is not too late. It can never be too late. But it must be done.


Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that a big part of the poison that Bloomberg has injected into the system comes from the Leadership Academy, in particular those that never held a permanent teacher credential and never taught a subject that was tested. They are running wild with their 'U' ratings, and bringing in others who are equally unqualified. No doubt Bloomberg and his 'networks' are covering up for them in big way. I hope that somebody in schools is willing to 'out' these idiot Principals.

Anthony Krinsky said...

I'm sick and tired of "pretty darn good" educators rejecting THE sensible solution to school dysfunction: private management. Most of the legitimate grievances of "pretty darn good" teachers are addressed by good management and aligned incentives. That cannot and does not happen with political management and it's corollary, union rule. Why don’t you, SBT, put your money where your mouth is and join a charter school where your principal is an "at-will" employee and you have a chance to reach these kids because every single person in the building is on the same page and is at LEAST, "pretty darn good."

Anonymous said...

Leadership Academy principals and inexperienced principals are doing Bloomberg's dirty work.

Principals are not hired based on how qualified they are, but based on how ruthless they are willing to be.

Unknown said...

Anthony, your premise is faulty, making all that follows faulty as well.

The reason low SES kids do poorly in school is because of lives outside of school.

But, you're a complete douche so you wouldn't know.

My Child is NOT a Test Score said...

your ventings could have come out of my mouth, a parent watching her child and all our children walk into the chamber that the doe has invented for them. and someone has the audacity to suggest a charter school would do the magic trick? in fact, the charter movement as it now stands, as a creation of the 1%, is at the very core of this foul play. when privatizing public resources is the goal, no one or nothing is safe. how can they sleep at night? when humans unplug their hearts and souls, they can do just about anything those with their souls in tact would never consider. i guess your venting is a sign you are still alive and well! thanks for sharing what many know but are not brave enough to say....

Pete Zucker said...

Krinsky, you are so, so far removed from reality. What kind of private management are you suggesting? Modeling schools after Lehamn Brothers, Goldman Sachs, MF Global et. al.? Or the private companies that we have contracted to serve as our de facto armed forces of late?There already is a private takeover of education in the curriculum that is served to the students as well as the companies that are falling head over fist in being the latest to supply states with standardized exams.

As far as your suggestion that I work for a charter school to deal with "at will" principals there is something you are missing in your Depakote induced haze. First, I am too old and too independent of thought for any charter school to hire me. Second, only 1 in 5 charter schools fare any better than their neighborhood public school counterparts so in essence chances are I will go to a more fucked up place. Thirdly,I will take a pay cut, so why would I do that? And lastly, I have a family. Why would I give up time with my family,especially my son? Who will pick him up from school? Who will supervise him doing his homework? Who will make dinner? Who will drive him to the after school activities?

I suggest that you teach. Obviously you have the time to do so. I suggest LAUSD, but hell! Go teach in a charter school. Show up all how easy you think it is.

Anonymous said...

You have to go and get your meds adjusted. I'm sorry that you have to go thru life like this but you have not been the same since you were left back in pre school.
Not one word of what you wrote makes sence.
I'm not sure you working in any school is a good idea.
I have a sixth SENCE that there is a lot in your past that would rule you out from teaching.

Anonymous said...

Vice President Flores-Aguilar:

I don't know if this right-wing troll Anthony Krinsky works directly for you [1], Eli Broad, the CCSA, DFER, Green Dot, Parent Revolution or is a friend of someone like Bill Grundfest. However, you don't need a CORO fellowship to know how to back search a blogger URI, which Krinsky had linked to his facebook account. Remember I attended UCLA just like you Ms. Flores, it's just that I majored in Classical Civilization, while you seemingly majored in Self Colonization Studies. I've known who this Krinsky guy is for some time, but really paid no mind since his poorly conceived writing is reminiscent of a disinterested teen enrolled in one of those charter-voucher institutions you're so fond of. Nor does it surprise me that you, a Gates Foundation employee, would follow the blog of a guy that idolizes Jim DeMint and Meg Whitman.

However, his Wednesday post crossed the line in several regards. Vice President Aguilar, since you are in contact with Mr. Krinsky please do me the favor of forwarding this letter on to your fellow right wing reactionary colleague.

[1] You do after all, follow his blog. For authentication see both the enclosed image and pdf files.


Mr. Krinsky:

I was somewhat amused to learn you attended Harvard, given that your prose reads like the screed of an angry forth grade charter school dropout. I'm also glad to see that you're finally using your real name as of yesterday instead of hiding behind aliases like 'the edobserver Anthony.' I of course, have always used my full name when engaging in polemics for the past two decades, since I have nothing to hide and am not afraid of speaking truth to power.

Up to now I've tolerated your childish and baseless accusations, but your vile and disgusting post on Wednesday has forced me to speak out.

1) You accuse me of taking money from UTLA or another union one more time and my Public Interest Lawyer will do exactly what you write is your fear. Let's say that you and Melissa will be cleaning my bathroom for decades to pay off that kind of settlement. I am not paid by any unions, nor am I a member of a union.

2) I have never stalked any of you reactionary privatizers in my life. I've never photographed any of you right wing dolts in the park or at your homes. What I have done, is openly photograph ed-deformers at political events serving political roles at public places like LAUSD and UTLA. I'm a widely published freelance writer. Taking photographs of politicians, public figures, and 501c3 staffers working political events isn't stalking -- it's photojournalism.

Let's be clear, I don't stalk or sneak. If I see someone in public and want to confront them, I walk up to them like a man and talk to them. Just ask Ms. Flores-Aguilar's staffer Ron Palacios what happened when I saw him trying to undermine the Trinational Coalition To Defend Public Education event last year.

Likewise, please feel free to make arrangements to call me a thug, creep, or a stalker in person instead of just on your blog. To be sure, I never call anyone something in my prose that I would be afraid to say to their face. In your bizarre-stream-of-consciousness-blog, you write that you have concerns and deep fears about my specialized military training. You need not be concerned with that. I'm a peaceful man.

With the deepest possible contempt

Robert D. Skeels -- a Public Education Advocate

Read this and you get a good idea of who Krinsky is

Anonymous said...


Nobody reads your blog
Did you ever wonder why?
Cause it's all B.S.
You have no life

Anonymous said...

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