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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Next Mind of a Bronx Teacher Internet Radio Show
Yes, after a long hiatus The Mind of a Bronx Teacher Internet radio show returns this coming Tuesday night, January 24, 2012 at 9 PM EDT. On the first show back we welcome New York Daily News journalist Alexander Nazaryan. This past Sunday, Alex wrote a op-ed piece in which he supports tougher evaluations for teachers.
A fun Twitter  discussion with Alex (@alexnazaryan) ensued later Sunday afternoon with Alex and he has graciously agreed to appear Tuesday night.
For those that have forgotten, the call in # is (213) 943-3735


Anonymous said...

If you do have the time and can get it in, please ask Mr. Nazaryan what exactly he would look for in a teacher who teaches students with learning disabilities who come from one or a combination of the folowing: poverty, are apathetic towards learning, are English second learners who have parents who do not speak English, do no homework, do not study are educationally neglected at home, are addicted to video games, go to sleep at 2 in the morning, don't know they have an IEP, cut class or enter into high school a minimum of five years behind in writing and reading.
Please remind him to answer the question and make sure he knows that the teacher he is to evaluate is passionate, intelligent, patient, sets high goals and works dilegently to "sell" the material and find meaningful connections for the students. Thanks SBS

Anonymous said...

Thank you SBS for asking my question. Once he registered it, he ran from it. He couldn't answer it. He became, in my opinion, scared. He took the easiest way out and said, "I would not characterize my students that way." And that's it! Again, HE HAD NO ANSWER. And I applaud you and TFT for telling him that the question represented the truth in many cases in tough schools or even in certain tough classes in good city schools. My question to Mr. Nazaryan is this: Where did F did you grow up? Who raised you? Please don't ever write another OP ed piece - you were just owned by SBS and TFT. OWNED!

Anonymous said...

I found it puzzling that someone who sets himself up as an expert on teacher assessment was cloudy on the issue of his own teaching license. I'm not.

Mr Nazaryan got a transitional license which was issue effective 9/1/2007 which expired 8/31/2010. Given NYSED rules, that license effective 9/1/07 could have been issued any time between 2/2/07 and 9/1/07. Tenure and such has nothing to do with licensing, despite Mr. Nazaryan's best guess on that topic. That would mean that when Mr. Nazaryan started at Brooklyn Latin School in September 2006 he had no license. I don't know what goes on at that school which Mr. Nazaryan found to be so wonderful, but maybe Mr. Nazaryan and his Principal should start by explaining how you hire a teacher without a license before explaining how to assses an unlicensed teacher.

I suspect that was an inside job inspired by politics, and politics is exactly why the proposals being promoted by the DOE are so dangerous.