SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Thoughts About Stuart Schmelz And Sycophantic Assistant Principals

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thoughts About Stuart Schmelz And Sycophantic Assistant Principals

As those regular readers of this blog remember, Stu Schmelz, an assistant principal at IS 162 in the Bronx passed away suddenly last May. Tribute was paid to Stu, twice, on these pages after his untimely passing. We here at SBSB and those that worked with Stu know that he got jacked big time and know that in due time the truth will come out in full.

A lot of truth landed on the desks at the SBSB newsroom of what transpired at IS 162 prior to his passing. At press time we can't reveal too much other than the dirty dealing that was perpetrated upon him was beyond reprehensible. Not only was Stu thrown under the bus, but the bus backed up and ran over him again and again.

Stu was caught up in the world of people having obscene, carnal relations with ghosts and dogs, sycophantic machinations brought on by the de facto leader of the Mole People, chronic disappearances for football and gallivanting with a passport, and literally picking up doody. But for now, what we know will need to remain only referred to cryptically and must remain vague.

Stu was one of a kind in this business. His word was his bond. What you saw with Stu was what you got. You could trust Stu. You could count on him. Unfortunately, education, in particular the NYC DOE has become a world in which the incompetent, sycophantic, unqualified are rewarded, while those who are competent, independent thinkers, qualified are slowly fucked and made to suffer.

Yes, there has been lots of news lately of principals without any morals. Principal Penis, and newly added to the list, Principal Liza Cruz Diaz of PS 31 in the Bronx. But what of those that we call assistant principals? There are much more of them than principals, and with more and more schools being added, there seems to be a high demand for them.

Back when I started teaching in the 90's all AP's it seemed were teachers who had paid their dues through years and years of teaching. Now, all one needs to become an assistant principal is a check book, some college that offers an administrative degree, a compliant friend, and the ability, to cleanse on a daily basis, a principal's colon. Oh, and let's not forget what a joke the C-30 process is. Why others are interviewed when it has already been predetermined who the AP will be I have never understood.

There are too many AP's out there that just take up space and for lack of a better explanation are nothing more than a principal's Himmler. They do the evil bidding of their principal and will move mountains to blame someone else for their own Freudian shortcomings. Assistant principal's such as these are manipulative, bereft of any and all empathy, sympathy, or basic understanding of the human race. In fact, one can wonder if such AP's as these are of the human race.

Fortunately, there is something known as Karma. Karma will always rear its head for such AP's and will, to paraphrase John Lennon, gonna bring them down. Well not actually Karma, but their own manipulation, machinations, inclinations, and general low sense of themselves will catch up with such AP's.


Anonymous said...

I met Stu back in the mid 1990's when he was the physical education coordinator for District 7. I was a brand new PE teacher and he helped in many ways as a mentor, advisor, and all around kind person. He meant what he said and said what he meant. I lost touch with him after I moved out of the district and it is sad to hear that he had to go through so much stress as an administrator. Knowing Stu, he was probably doing everything possible to help the students and staff under his supervision. However, the "new" DOE many times sees to it that good men and women are not properly praised for their positive actions any more. Sad to say the least.

Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Yet another example of how the corporate reformers pick principals based on their ability to kowtow rather than their ability as "first" teachers:

Patrick Pope: Person of the Year

Pope, a principal who won person of the year for his efforts in turning around a D.C. School, was summarily dismissed by none other than Michelle "yank the tape off 'till their lips bleed" Rhee.

Pete Zucker said...

^^^^ To the slimy anonymous person who besmirched Stu, that was too chicken **** to leave his name, I am deleting your comment.

greenbacks said...

Stu was a softball umpire for years back in the day.

He was good people.